Summer’s coming up, so you’ve got to get healthy, which mostly means eating healthy. Eating healthy can get complicated, especially with final exams coming up, but with the help of these 13 tips, healthy eating will be a breeze.

1. Keep A List Of Go-To Recipes

Photo courtesy of Women’s Health

For days when you’re really busy and too lazy to go on Spoon University to search up a recipe, keep a list of go-to recipes that you know by heart. They don’t have to be super complicated. Women’s Health has a list of 5-minute meal ideas that will give you time to ace that final.

2. Be Mindful Of What You Eat

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It’s surprising how much we eat when we’re already full. This is because we’re too distracted when we’re eating. Spend some time focusing on your food next time you grab lunch and practice mindful eating. So, put down your phone because you can practice mindful eating in three basic steps.

3. Drink Lots Of Water And Mostly Water (and Tea)

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Water is great for you. Beyoncé drinks almost a gallon a day, so it’s time for you to motivate yourself to drink like Beyoncé. If you’re used to soda, switch to seltzer water or fruit infused water. Avoid drinking juice because juice is often high in sugar (just eat the actual fruit, okay?). Tea is good, though.

4. Learn How To Enjoy Salad

Photo courtesy of Prevention

Salad can actually be enjoyable, and you can change up different elements of your salads so it doesn’t taste like you’re eating the same thing everyday. There are tons of different salads to choose from: cucumber, avocado & tomato salad, tuna salad with apples, grapes & walnuts or an apple-citrus quinoa salad. The possibilites are endless.

5. When Eating Salad, Make Your Own Salad Dressings

Photo courtesy of Kath Eats Real Food

Speaking of salads, when you eat them forget the store bought dressings because those carry too many mystery ingredients and can make your salad unhealthy. Instead, stick with a vinaigrette-based salad dressing and make it yourself.

6. Practice Portion Control

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Know how much is one serving. Knowing how much to eat and help you stop overeating.

7. Stop Dieting

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Photo by Laura Palladin

Dieting is rarely effective and it often leads to binging. Instead, give up dieting and and change your eating habits to be healthier.

8. Use These Healthy Substitutions

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Healthy substitutions can taste the same and reduce the amount of fat and calories in your food while increasing the amount of nutrition. It’s a win-win situation. And, there’s a substitution for almost every unhealthy ingredient.

9. Stop Going Out To Eat And Learn How To Cook

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Photo by Shivam Agarwal

Though going out to eat may seem convenient and easy, but making the food yourself gives you more control of what is going in your food. Plus, you’ll learn some money-saving hacks and 5-ingredient recipes that will save you time and money once you start cooking.

10. Bake Instead Of Frying

Photo By Grace Stauffer

Baking is a healthy alternative to frying and it lets your foods maintain their crispness. Learn how to roast your vegetables or try these french fry alternatives.

11. Stop Eating Processed Foods

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Photo by Emily Palmer

If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients label for your favorite processed food, you’ll wonder how some stuff from a chemistry lab got into your food. Eating processed foods are bad for you. Instead, make your own versions of your favorite foods.

12. Eat Mostly Vegetables For Every Meal

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Fill up most of your plate with vegetables. This helps keep you full while providing you with tons of fiber and nutrients. Learn creative ways to sneak more vegetables into your dishes and learn how to cook your favorite vegetables.

13. Keep Healthy Food Around You

Photo by Michelle Hodgson

Photo by Michelle Hodgson

If you have unhealthy foods near you, you’re more likely to eat it. So, stop this by keeping a pantry filled with healthy foods and if you really want to eat something unhealthy, buy small portions of it.

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