When our parents traveled, they had to rely upon guidebooks to lead them away from tourist traps and into the heart of local cuisine. With the invention of Instagram, however, students who study abroad today have the ability to browse locals’ feeds and get acquainted with the best of the city.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to weed out which accounts are truly showcasing local go-tos. Not to worry – we did the research for you.

Amsterdam – @astoldbycristi

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Photo courtesy of @astoldbycristi on Instagram

She’s a dental student, and she’s taking some of the dopest Amsterdam food pictures on the ‘gram. Seem unlikely? Maybe. But if eating the way she does will keep our teeth healthy, we have no complaints.

Barcelona – @olocomesolodejasbcn

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Photo courtesy of @olocomesolodejas on Instagram

We know what you’re thinking: is that a username or a freeway jam? Actually, it’s, “O lo comes o lo dejas,” which means, “Eat it or leave it.” Each picture is labeled by dish, which may seem redundant but is actually helpful. After all, Barcelona was the pioneer of molecular gastronomy. This city does sh*t so innovative that Einstein would tip his hat.

Berlin – @berlinfoodstories

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Photo courtesy of @berlinfoodstories on Instagram

Known today as one of the most artistic cities in Europe, Berlin contains a wealth of creative restaurants, with everything from new takes on traditional German food to wacky fusion spots.

Dublin – @aoifeforkful

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Photo courtesy of @aoifeforkful on Instagram

Say good-bye to the long-standing stereotype that Irish food is nothing but beer and potatoes. Aoife Mc’s pictures prove that you won’t eat like that when you study abroad in Dublin.

Hong Kong – @danielhungryhk

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Photo courtesy of @daniel on Instagram

Daniel covers the whole range you need for a satisfying study abroad experience: plenty of budget-friendly options, with fancier hot spots for when you’re looking to #splurge. Does that look like the best fried sandwich you’ve never had? Yeah. It’s sold at a corner store in Taipei. Hong Kong, baby.

London – @clerkenwellboyec1

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Photo courtesy of @clerkenwellboyec1 on Instagram

The Clerkenwell Boy is an enigma. Little is known about him, including what he looks like, as he posts only pictures of plates so beautiful that even Jamie Oliver has said that he drools over them. The city is a true culinary mecca, so start planning now.

Montreal – @mtlfooddivas

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Photo courtesy of @mtlfooddivas on Instagram

Chances are, even if you aren’t legal in the United States, you’re legal in Montreal. As many a resident may lament, it’s where “those darn college kids drive over the border to get drunk.” These food divas do show us classy cocktail and wine bars, but we would drive there just for that bolognese.

Paris – @le_grumeau

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Photo courtesy of @le_grumeau on Instagram

Alive Ngo runs a blog on where you should be eating in Paris, following hot restaurant openings and long-time classics. With the same name as her Instagram handle, the posts come in both English and French, making it the perfect resource for the American student studying in Paris.

Rome – @eminchilli

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Photo courtesy of @eminchilli on Instagram

A prolific author on food and lifestyle in Rome, Elizabeth Minchilli is American but has spent most of her life in Italy. Her account overflows with both restaurant pictures and shots from local markets, with an apparent obsession for cacio e pepe and artichokes. Not studying in this city? Check out Florence eats as well.


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Photo courtesy of @eatingupwiththehannashians on Instagram

Run by two sisters who apparently do nothing but eat tasty food together, the Hannashians expertly showcase Sydney’s ridiculously appealing cuisine. They make every restaurant in the city look good, from health food cafés to the famous freak shakes that have now spread to every corner of the globe.

Tokyo – @tokyofoodfile

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Photo courtesy of @tokyofoodfile on Instagram

We know you’re excited about sushi and ramen. But, as this “foodfile’s” account will show you, Japanese cuisine is so much more than those American hits. By the time you’re done with the semester, you’ll have tonkatsu, okonomiyaki, tempura, udon, gyoza, and soba coming out your ears.