Ah, Thanksgiving – the holiday sure to put you in a food coma. I basically start my countdown to when I get to “gobble down” as much stuffing and pumpkin pie as possible weeks before. No shame here.

But forget the freshman 15, the “turkey 10” is real, people. The sad truth is that your Thanksgiving meal is sure to pack on a few pounds overnight. So while I may easily regret this decision, I have decided to try having a healthier Thanksgiving this year (anything is possible if you put your mind to it…right?) Read on for 10 ways to avoid the Turkey 10.
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1. Limit yourself to one plate. Find that inner willpower and skip the seconds. Don’t pick foods that are available all year around either– it’s all about strategy.

2. Up your workout on the day of this holiday. It’s simple math: more calories burned means more room to consume.


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3. Eat slower than usual. Be thankful for each bite– literally. Chewing and eating more slowly is sure to make you feel more satisfied sooner.

4. Ditch the leggings. That’s right, if you wear something a bit tighter, then overeating will feel even more uncomfortable.

5. Drink water before, during, and after the meal. You’ll be much fuller leaving no room for seconds.


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6. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch. You may think you’re being smart saving up on calories before the big hurrah, but it will actually backfire. By the time the meal rolls around, you’ll be so hungry that it will be hard to stay in control.

7. Go for the white meat turkey rather than the dark meat or fried turkey. White meat has less calories and fat than that good ole’ dark meat and still tastes great. (Find out more differences between the two here)

8. Include some healthier and lighter recipes this year if you’re doing a homemade Thanksgiving. Try this low calorie sausage and mushroom stuffing

9. Scope out everything available first before diving in to a buffet style meal.


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10. Enjoy that quality time with your family and friends or whoever else you may celebrate this holiday with. As surprising as it may sound, it’s actually not all about the food. Be thankful for those around you!

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