If there’s one product that has perfectly captured the millennial culture, it’s HUM Nutrition. In an era of health, self-care, and aesthetically pleasing packaging, this supplement brand has been born. HUM, founded by Walter Faulstroh and Chris Coleridge, focuses on enhancing beauty and improving daily functioning from the inside out.

What is it?

HUM products typically take the form of supplement capsules that come in vibrant colored bottles with a cute name descriptor. For example, some of their stock includes Daily Cleanse (for skin and acne), Killer Nails (for those flawless claws), and Uber Energy (for a natural energy boost).

As a college student, we are apparently reaching our peak. We are supposed to look and feel our best. However, with limited dining hall options and a sporadic lifestyle, it’s easy for our nutrition to fall through the cracks. Over time, this internal imbalance begins to show itself on our outer appearance.

To help reverse some of the negative impacts of college realities, HUM’s Director of Education, Sarah Greenfield, suggests the products Wing Man, Big Chill, and Base Control. “Wing Man would be a great product for college students. It helps support the health of the liver through increasing antioxidant production (specifically glutathione) and can actually help repair certain cells in the liver. We all need a little extra detox support! Big Chill is another great product made up of the adaptogen rhodiola. It helps our body respond better to stress and can help take the edge off. Base Control is a great daily supplement as it provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals that our diets can be lacking.”

While the claims sound promising, it is also important to note that not all supplements are created equal. As a foodie myself, I’m always super wary of supplements. Many contain ingredients that are not highly regulated so it can be difficult to get a handle on quality control. However, HUM prides itself on the purity and potency of their ingredients. Their products are GMP certified which means they are evaluated by a third party to test for contaminants and to make sure that the indicated ingredients are used. On top of that, every capsule is GMO-free, gluten-free, and 100% natural. Most are completely plant-based with the exception of the supplements containing fish oil and collagen.

Beyond their ingredient conscientiousness, HUM makes sure each customer’s experience is highly personalized. According to Greenfield, “The website has a wellness quiz that takes about 3 minutes to take. It asks a series of questions to get a great understanding of the best products for you. One of the most beneficial aspects of HUM and what I believe really helps us stand out is that we pair customers with their own nutritionist to can help answer their questions. They can ask them anything like what supplements to take, what to eat on a daily basis, and how to improve their health!”

So does it work?

Personally, I have been taking Daily Cleanse and Red Carpet for about two months now, and I’ve noticed improvements. My skin has its glow back and my hair seems to be recovering from my overuse of a straightening iron first semester.

Overall, I stand behind this brand. Their products are inventive and unlike anything I have seen on the market. As a growing company, it’s shocking how attentive they are to their customers. HUM is a pioneer in many ways from their positive business model to their customer service, and most importantly because of the products they retail. As a growing brand, now is their time to shine, and with their supplements, it can be your time too!