With school, work, friends, family, sleep (if your lucky), and other life challenges that seem to arise, there is barely any time to hit the gym. With limited time to exercise, it is important to get the most out of your workouts. Get rid of these four bad workout habits because they are hurting your gym routine.  


I was surprised too, but the truth is that sit-ups are a waste of time and terrible for your body. Sit-ups are a leading factor to lower back injuries. Many armies around the world have stopped using this exercise as a part of their performance test because they recognize how harmful it is. There's a reason why they hurt, so stop doing them.

Bad Plank Form

If you're planking with poor form, you are not doing anything for your body. The only way to strengthen your core with this exercise is if you execute the plank position perfectly. Dropping your chin, raising your hips, sinking your chest, or shifting your shoulders are some errors that could lead to injuries. When you plank, make sure your form is literally what the exercise is called—a plank. 

Elliptical Machines  

Many personal trainers believe this machine is overrated and can ruin one's natural running and squat form. Many people believe the elliptical machine offers a good workout, but Edward Rush, owner of Infighting Shape, explains that elliptical workouts are not the challenging aerobic workout people believe it to be. A better way to get in shape is running and focusing on your squats.

Not Stretching

When I am short on time, stretching can seem like an annoying task that won't make much of a difference. However, when you skip stretching, you are limiting yourself from your maximum capabilities. Skipping this important step will increase the chances of strains and tears, ligament damage, and restrict your range of motion. Stretching is an important part of your workout routine and your body needs it. 

Are you planning on making 2017 a healthy, active year?  Do you have a busy schedule? Eliminate these four bad workout habits and your body will thank you. When you're at the gym, don't waste time doing workouts that can hurt your body. This is the year of getting the most out of your time at the gym and being injury free.