Every year it's the same story—everyone wants to do something for spring break and the beach is always at the top of our list. I totally get that lying on the beach with a margarita, your best friends next to you while getting a tan sounds amazing but, what if we branched out? What if we visited a more wintry destination and actually found reasons to enjoy the cold instead of run (or fly) away from it? And no, I'm not insane, I'm optimistic. Besides, you'll have all summer to sip on Piña Coladas. Take a look at this list and get inspired!

Experience The Most Breathtaking Sights

Seriously, when will you ever get to sit on a frozen lake in Cancun while watching the sunrise over the mountains? (Banff, Alberta, Canada)

Feel Freedom Like Never Before

We get one week to release all that built up tension from our classes so don't waste it! Whether you're athletic or not, a hike up a mountain could be the stress relief you needed all along. (Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado)

Meet New People 

Take a guided tour of some of your favorite European cities with people your age. Who knows? Maybe you'll come back with unforgettable memories with friends from all over. Plus, you'll definitely have great stories to tell. (Killarney, Ireland)

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Amanda Godinez

Being a girl from the Sunshine State, I am not used to winter sports, like, at all, so skiing was COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. I may or may not have stayed on the training slope all day (I'll never tell) but nonetheless, I think I smashed it and I have the frat point picture to prove it! #QueenofSkiing #SprangBreak2k17 (Banff, Alberta, Canada)

New Noms

Deep. Dish. Pizza. Think of all the new food you'll come across that aren't tacos! No offense tacos, love you longtime, but I don't think we appreciate deep dish pizza enough. Maybe we should plan a trip to the Windy City next year?

Whatever you do, I challenge you to think out of the box, take advantage of spring break, and totally rock it!!