I was 15 when I first started calorie counting. Though I hadn't done it religiously, I was still worried about my calorie intake and how many calories my plate had. After my first few weeks when nothing had changed, I realized that I was probably wasting my time, and I quit counting. That was the best decision of my life.

Though calorie counting can work for some people, it's definitely not a decision that everyone should make. Before you start, or even if you already have, here's what you should know about tallying your food intake.

What is calorie counting?

Well, counting calories is exactly what it says it is. However, it's also much more. Counting calories is limiting your food intake, changing your eating habits, and typically not the best way to lose weight. While it can be a start to a healthier lifestyle, it's not the road that everyone should take. 

Counting your calories can lead to many unhealthy choices. In one situation, unless you've consulted a professional, you may not know how many calories your body truly needs. In another, you may be eating all of the wrong calories. You could be potentially harming your body without even knowing it. There are plenty of other ways to begin a healthy lifestyle, you only need to know the right option for you. So, here's three things you can do instead of calorie counting.

1. Limit your sugar, dairy, and carb intake

Kate Monick

Limiting your intake does not mean counting calories. It simply means cutting down on certain foods. If you're looking to clear up acne, cutting out dairy is a good choice. Looking for more energy? Cut out some sugar, but be careful to only cut out the unnecessary sugars. 

2. Head to the gym

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This seems like the obvious answer, but exercising is great for the body and the mind. Exercising is known to release endorphins, a chemical that produces positive feelings. Working your body can help to release stress, tension, and help to relieve depression.

3. Eat healthy

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Emily Daniel

Another obvious answer, try eating healthy. This means no more late night binges Instead, try sticking to GMO-free foods, stay away from fast foods, and make sure you have a colorful plate full of fruits and vegetables. 

So, in the end, calorie counting may work for some. But this definitely isn't the case for everyone. Make sure to keep in mind that your body is different from your friend's, your neighbor's, and everyone else's. Find what works for you, and go for it.