Not everybody has to undergo wisdom teeth surgery, but those who do can tell you all about the horrors of having them removed. There are so many reasons to dread getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Not only are you drugged and defenseless while a total stranger has their hands in your mouth for an hour or so, but then you're left with the chewing abilities of your great grandmother for at least a week. So we can all agree that getting your wisdoms out is one of the worst things that you'll have to do as a young adult, right? Wrong. Call me crazy, but I stand firmly behind my belief that getting your wisdom teeth pulled is actually a pretty cool experience. Here are some reasons why.


Let me give you a little context by telling you that I was a sophomore in high school when I got my wisdom teeth removed. So as you can imagine, I regarded receiving anesthesia and pain killers as more of fun experiment with drugs than a cause for anxiety. Even though I didn't reach the loopy hallucinating phase that I thought was customary of wisdom tooth extractions (thanks internet), I did receive general rather than local anesthesia and happily got a nice little nap out of the ordeal. 

Cute Doctor

My doctor was a very beautiful man. Granted, my perceptions may have been altered due to the anesthesia, but as far as I can recall he was a good looking guy. Some people might think having an attractive person watch me drool in my sleep would be a negative aspect of my experience— but if Grey's Anatomy has taught me anything it's that hot surgeons have pretty high success rates (and ridiculously short life expectancies). 

Being a Sloth

Those pain killers will give you the best sleep of your life. I'm talking non-stop napping. Do I really need to say anything here? I'm struggling to come up with any reason why you wouldn't want this. 

Skip School

I got a doctor's note to skip school for a few days. If you have a job or busy college classes, this may not be a good thing— but for an underachieving high schooler, it's the ideal setup. Sometimes I even texted the poor kids stuck in Precalculus or World History in between my 9-12 hour sleep cycles.


People will bring you milkshakes and/or smoothies to you while you lay in bed doing nothing for at least 3 days (shoutout to my mom and dad). Granted you may have to drop them into your mouth by the spoonful— baby bird-style—but you've got to find the silver linings.

So if you've got an upcoming wisdom extraction coming up, try not to stress about it too much. Take it as an opportunity for some much needed rest and relaxation. Sure you may cry because you're not Nicki Minaj, or wake up thinking that there's been a zombie apocalypse, but you'll most likely just get a little high and sleep for a very very long time.