Cuddling with my four legged best friend has always been one of my favorite past times, not to mention the fact that my husky makes a very comfy pillow. I always would leave a cuddle sesh with my dog feeling in a lot better of a mood than I was in beforehand.

I always knew that dogs had an extra "sixth" sense and I always had a feeling my cuddly buddy knew when I was feeling down, but I knew there had to be some more scientific reasoning as to why dogs are the best friends us humans could ever ask for.

It turns out that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from spending time with your dog is actually more than just a feeling. Studies show that affection you receive from your dog gives you the same hormonal response that new mothers receive right after giving birth.

The hormone is called Oxytocin and is also secreted when you cuddle or bond with an individual and since we have such a strong bond with our dogs, it releases the hormone when we have a nice snuggle session.

The benefits of having Oxytocin released into your brain are very valuable to experience on a daily basis. The chemical release can leave you with stronger feelings of empathy, trust, and generosity. So, not only does cuddling with your cute little puppy make you feel happier but it also can give you personality traits that make you a better person.

The bonding feeling that we get from the release of Oxytocin is also beneficial for bonding with other people and forming stronger relationships whether that is with your SO or a parent-child bond.

Who knew cuddling could be so beneficial for your mental well being? I sure didn't. So, next time you are feeling a bit on the sad side or just having a rough day, I suggest taking a large dose of puppy love.