The 2016 election was nothing if not surprising. Polls across all media outlets were calling the race for Hillary Clinton, but after a shocking election night, Donald Trump became the President-Elect. A few months later, it was Inauguration Day and something that half the country never predicted happening, happened: Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. For all of you that haven't quite let that fact sink in yet, I'm sorry to inform you that you did not misread that last sentence.

I won't lie, the inauguration was hard to watch, as someone that did not particularly support Trump throughout the campaign. With that said, it is just a fact now that he is our president and there is no turning back. For those experiencing anxiety post-inauguration, I would urge you to not avoid the media but to pay attention more than ever.

Yes, Donald Trump is our president but like all government employees, he works for us. What so many fail to realize is that the president has a duty to represent all Americans. While the media can be an overwhelming jumble of never-ending, sometimes scary stories, paying attention is crucial now for those that do not support many of the policies President Trump has promised to enact and support. The media will draw your attention to those very policies and laws that you really disagree with. And from there, action can be taken. 

Nothing ever got done by those that just turned a blind eye and avoided what was going on in the world, let alone in their very own country. We must be cautiously optimistic of this administration and root for the success of our country in these next four years. I'm not urging you to drown yourself in news stories all day and overly concern yourself with the happenings in Washington, but staying aware is something I'm absolutely encouraging. If not now, when?

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