Recently,  I attended a yoga class on the campus of Spelman College. This wasn't just any yoga class. It was a Trap Yoga class. I know a lot of you are asking the same question, "What is trap yoga?" Well, it's just that; yoga with trap music playing, to set the mood. As a college student at a predominantly black school like Clark Atlanta University, this wasn't something out of the ordinary.

I've never actually attended a yoga class before, and I'm not the biggest fan of trap music, but I was intrigued. I'm also interested in attending more events on campus that I'm not required to attend. So, I asked a friend of mine to join me on this night of new experiences and fun. 

Although we were a bit late to the event, we were welcomed with open arms. Mats were laid out and bottles of water lined the tables. The women of S.K.I.R.T.S. Inc. were assisting us with putting our things away in the lockers, while simultaneously keeping up with the trap music playlist. We jumped right into the exercises and stretches that the instructor would demonstrate for us.

So, to be completely transparent, I didn't know what I was doing. It was a mess from the beginning. Of course I didn't expect to be a pro, but I didn't expect to look like this:

Besides my wobbly start, I had an amazing time. I spent about an hour listening to music, stretching my body like never before and ignoring messages or notifications that might've popped up on my phone. It was honestly an amazing night. My favorite pose was the happy baby pose, also referred to as Ananda Balasana. 

  We ended the class with about 5 minutes of complete silence (besides the distant sound of trap music in the background) with our eyes shut, breathing in and out, we focused on inner peace. Finally, as a group we said namaste.

I left that room feeling like a better version of myself. Although my body ached the next day due to my old lady limbs, as I like to refer to them, I felt great. I hope to attend more of these trap yoga, or other musical selections, events in the future.