Everything is starting to pile up. The snow. Homework. Stress levels. Especially, the stress levels. But did you know there are wellness resources available to you here on campus? And they are free to us students.When you don't know who to turn to when you feel more stressed than Monte preparing for hibernation, here are five wellness resources at the University of Montana that you need to know about. 

1. Health Coaches at Curry Health Center

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Kristine Mahan

Have you ever wanted someone to sit down and help you master all the aspects of your life, but thought that was only a dream? Well, I hate to say this (well not really), you were wrong. The peer health coaches at Curry can help you manage the social, academic, mental, and physical parts of your busy life in 6 one hour sessions. Not to mention it is completely free and confidential. The perfect wellness resource, someone pinch me. Call 406-243-6719 or go to this website for more info.

2. Nutritional Counseling and Education with UM Dining

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Jocelyn Hsu

Let's be honest. If all these fad diets and latest trends in foods telling us what to and what not to eat is making you more confused than that science homework you are avoiding, you should head on over to the Registered Dietitian. Leave it to the experts to point you in the right direction about weight loss, healthy meal planning, and eating disorders. Now if only that science homework was that simple to conquer. Call 406-243-6325 or visit its website. 

3. Counseling Services at Curry Health Center

College is hard. Really hard. And sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. No judgment. No fees (for your first visit). No worrying about confidentiality. And Counseling at Curry are here for you. They offer a variety of services ranging from individual sessions to seminars and all the way to group sessions. Call 406-243-4711 or see all their services on its website. 

4. Equipment Orientations and Free Fitness Classes through Campus Recreation

Jocelyn Hsu

Want to get in shape this semester but get overwhelmed the minute you walk through the gym doors? The amazing gym staff will walk through the proper usage of the abundance of cardio and weight machines. And if machines aren't really your thing, there are always free fitness classes offered every week, which include: Ab Lab, Functional Strength, and even Aqua Fit. Spring Break body here we come.  Call 406-243-2802 or visit its website  for more details.

5. All the Free Goodies From the Wellness Center at Curry Health Center

You know what relieves stress? Safe Sex. You know what costs money? Condoms. But not at the Wellness Center. You can literally walk up, take a bunch of condoms, lube, finger dams, and more, and then walk out. Just make sure to say thank you. You can also pick up a free Tobacco Quit Kits while you are there. Because not only will quitting make you feel better, it will save you money too. For more information call 406-243-2809.