We’ve reached the final push, butt this move is bound to set the buns on fire.

With the poise of a dancer and the embarrassment of six days in this outfit, I give you side-lying leg lifts in front of the spirit rock.

The Exercise:

chocolate, cake, tea
Shannon Daly

I'm taking this one fresh out of pilates class. While squats give you the sought after kind of big butt, this move strengthens your hip flexors. This can help with a toned and slim waist to compliment that fine looking backside 

I tend to squeeze my butt muscles while lifting my legs in the move, so fear not. Your butt is still putting in work here

How It's Done:

Start by laying on your side with your body stacked in perfect alignment. Think hip over hip. Knee over knee, etc. Then slide your legs (attached together) slightly forward making a small bend in your hips. Next, hover your top leg over the bottom. 

Shannon Daly

Begin to lift the top leg straight up into the air, keeping your body stable with your core. If you find you're falling in one direction or the other, decrease your range of motion. 

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Shannon Daly

Keep your toes pointed on the way up, and flex as your leg floats back down to the hover. The slower you go the more you'll feel this! Picture your leg cutting through sticky syrup as you drag it up and float it down. 

Repeat this twenty times on each side and be sure to stretch afterward! Give these ones a whirl if you'd like.

And that’s all she wrote. See you tomorrow for the grand finale, and I sincerely hope you’re ready for this jelly.