Day five and I was looking for some inspiration to take me to the finish line. To boost butt morale, I looked to the famous Dukes of yesteryear to pump me up.

tea, beer, cake
Shannon Daly

Even though James Madison didn’t actually go here, I channeled his constitutional fame to get gassed up.

The Exercise: 

Thus, I decided day five warranted fifty squats in (or outside….) alumni hall. Drop it low for the former Dukes, it’s what they would have wanted. 

How It's Done:

Haven’t done a squat? Here’s the breakdown.

cake, pizza, beer, tea, coffee
Shannon Daly

Keep your feet should width apart and clasp your hands in front of your chest to help you balance.

Proceed to sit back into an imaginary chair leaning your back forward and arching slightly as you drop it low.

Stop the squat when your thighs are as parallel to the floor as you can putting weight into your heels and lining your knees up with your ankles.

tea, coffee
Shannon Daly

Engage your muscles and push your body back to starting position.

Keep plugging Dukes, we’re almost there. See you tomorrow.