Today brings us past the halfway mark. So congrats! Butt Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a better booty might not be built in a few days either. But we’re making positive moves here.

Much like my switch to Halo Top ice-cream, I consider this a positive change.

beer, coffee, wine
Shannon Daly

The Exercise: 

Today’s positive change is brought to you by the letter “D”. We’re doing donkey kicks in top DOG.

I figured a mid-week reward should be some snacks. So take the time to brainstorm what you want while we knock out forty donkey kicks (twenty on each side).

Donkey Kicks are not only great for your butt, but also for your lower back. Sitting in class all day can lead to holding a ton of tension in this area. As long as your keeping your spine neutral (in a straight line) throughout the exercise, your back is seeing the benefits. 

How It's Done:

A donkey kick is simple. Position yourself on all fours with hands under shoulders and hips over knees. My spine isn't totally neutral because of the chairs, so aim to do it on the floor

beer, coffee, wine
Shannon Daly

Keeping your knee bent, lift it up while flexing your foot and bringing your thigh to meet hip level. After holding it for a moment lower your leg with control back down to starting position.

wine, beer, coffee
Shannon Daly

Repeat 20 times on each side and chow on some Mongolian grill in between. 

Almost out of the woods. Until tomorrow.