Welcome back, Dukes. For day two of the JMU Butt Challenge, we’re headed to another iconic campus location for some flexing.

Take a walk, jog, run, or sprint to the Quad and let’s get going. 

The Exercise: 

coffee, tea, cake, beer
Shannon Daly

Lunge on up the stairs and get yourself perfectly positioned right outside Wilson Hall. Hip lifts are dope with the view of all the quad-goers wondering what are those physically perfect specimens on the quad up to, flexing, looking all fine like that.

For Day 2, I challenge you to 30 hip lifts.

How It's Done:

To make it happen, lay down on your back and bring your knees up and bent. Place your arms down on the ground along your sides. This is a classic napping position. 

coffee, cake, tea, beer
Shannon Daly

Tighten your abs and core as you lift your hips into the air, and lowering with control. Go for three sets of ten with a little break in between. You deserve it.

tea, coffee, beer
Shannon Daly

For an added challenge, try doing some with one leg lifted off the ground (see below)... you know, or not.

tea, pizza, coffee, wine, beer
Shannon Daly

See you tomorrow you freaking models.