If you're in Miami for spring break, then you know that it's hard to find a good, healthy restaurant. I've tried my fair share of places, and sometimes so called "healthy" food is lacking flavor and is more expensive than anything else I've ever tried! Thankfully, there are a few healthy places in Miami that are absolutely crushing the healthy food game, and are reinforcing the idea that healthy food can also be fun and tasty. 

Here are my favorite healthy destinations in the city, that with closed eyes, I recommend! If you are coming to Miami for spring break and want to balance out the great parties and the drinks...these places are a must.

1. Michi's

This place is just amazing. They have a variety of foods, from Pasta Alfredo to delicious Poke Bowls. It's hard to pick just one plate...all of them are full of flavor and made with wholesome ingredients. However, I would suggest you try their crunchy tequeños (breaded cheese stick) and their amazing waffles. You will feel as if you are eating dessert! These cheese sticks below are made with guava and cheese...I truly don't think it can get any better than that.

2. Ligero Express

This restaurant has traditional Venezuelan food, like tequeños, arepas, empanadas, and mandocas. These traditional foods are normally fried (which we love, but unfortunately aren't so ideal in supporting our health). Ligero Express miraculously bakes these foods, and they still taste delicious. However, the sweets are definitely what stands out here! (I mean, just look at those brownies below.) If you are in the search of a healthy treat with your friends during break, go to Ligero Express!


This is one of those places where you can NEVER go wrong with any one of their plates! They have toasts, bowls, soups, smoothies, and more. (And yes, they're all super Instagram trendy.) Their locations are in South Beach and Brickell, two places you don't want to miss if you are visiting Miami for spring break with your friends! Definitely stop by here for lunch or dinner and grab a Bulletproof Ball, Kombucha on tap, or quinoa-crusted salmon. 

4. Threefold Cafe

This place makes the BEST avocado toast in Miami, and trust me, I've tried many. For my avo lovers out there, this is definitely your place. But don't just settle for the trendy avocado! They have other types of toasts (crushed beets on Zak the Baker toast sounds fire), as well as sandwiches, bagels, waffles, bowls, and of course, good old coffee. Simple and nourishing!

5. Miami Juice

Miami Juice is just like it sounds: fresh, delicious, and healthy. One of the best things they have is a huge slice of butternut squash filled with tuna...SO good! They also offer juices (surprise?) and many other flavorful and cheap foods that are sure to make your stomach happy during break.

We know trips are made to enjoy and make memories, but we can still have fun while eating clean, right? Visiting these healthy places in Miami, all while enjoying the beach and some beer, sounds like the perfect combination to me!