Ever since I've seen the movie Valentine's Day, I've wanted to throw my own 'I Hate Valentine's Day' party like the character in the movie did. Valentine's Day is always met with mixed feelings. The couples see it as a day to broadcast their love all over Facebook and Instagram and show-off all their gifts, and singles see it as a day to stay in and eat all of the chocolate. Instead of spending the day alone, why not celebrate Galentine's Day?

Take a lesson from Valentine's Day, or from Parks and Recreation and host a party. Galentine's Day is an unofficial (arguably better) holiday that takes place on February 13th, and consists of celebrating your best gal pals. Because, as it's been said since middle school, boys come and go but friends are forever! Ovaries before BROvaries am I right?! Here is how to throw your own Galentine's Day.


First, you have to set the scene for Galentine's Day. Head over to your local Dollar Store and pick up as many pink decorations as you want! Aim for streamers, tablecloths and balloons. 

You can also grab some fake pink flowers and put them in a vase for a cute, feminine touch. The Dollar Store seriously has everything you need to decorate for your event.

You can also grab some pink and/or white candles to set the ~mood~ for your party, just make sure to be careful around the flame (especially if you're drinking)!


There are tons of food ideas for Galentine's Day. Whether you want to throw a brunch, a pizza party, or a dessert party, the possibilities are endless. Below are some of my favourite recipe compilations courtesy of Pinterest!

 Over 75 Valentine's Desserts!

23 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas!

14 Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas!


When it comes to activities for your party, there are options that range from drinking games to piñata smashing and everything in between. Check out the suggestions below, or brainstorm with your gals to create the ultimate fun-filled event!


Set up a nail salon in your home! Nothing is more empowering than having an immaculate set of nails. Get out all the shades of pink and red you can find and do your nails.


There's a ton of fun crafts you can set up for your party. Go to the Dollar Store and get things for a DIY card making station! You could also make cute friendship bracelets.

Drinking Scavenger Hunt

If you and your squad are of legal drinking age, compile a list of some tasks and allot points to each task. Get into teams and go out to a bar and try to do all the tasks! I'll link one example here, but be creative and come up with your own!

Smash a Piñata 

A la Valentine's Day style, pick up a heart shaped piñata, fill it with candy and go crazy. It can be surprisingly therapeutic!

Give Outrageous Makeovers 

It's like a slumber party all over again! Share your favourite contouring tips and help your friend perfect her eyeliner wings. Bonus points if you all go out to celebrate in your new looks. 

The Official Galentine's Day Drinking Game

It wouldn't be Galentine's Day without it. Find it here!

Galentine's Day is a great opportunity to get together with your closest girlfriends and throw an awesome party. As long as you're all together, you're bound to have an amazing time!