Whether you’re a clean freak or a complete pig, there are everyday things that you’re definitely not cleaning right or often enough. Do you ever feel like you’re perpetually sick? Consider that your seemingly unending illness could be a direct result of not cleaning these items.

It can be easy to overlook things or get lazy (trust me, I KNOW), or even just question whether it’s really that dirty. I’m here to tell you: yes, it is really that dirty. Here are some things that you should be cleaning.


You know that fluffy sponge in your shower—the one that has that funny name? When was the last time you washed it? It may seem weird to understand that an item that always has soap on it is still something that needs to be washed.

Think about it: after you’re done with it, it sits in your shower soaking. The bacteria that could build up over time is overwhelming. Then you take that same sponge and rub it all over your body, including certain places (if you know what I mean). Dermatologists suggest that you should actually be cleaning it at least once a week, and replacing it at the max of eight weeks.

How to clean:

Let sit in a mixture of bleach and water for around 10 minutes. Then rinse and set it out to dry.


The first time I had a CamelBak was in college, with no prior briefing on how to use it or clean it. I noticed it begin to get discolored in the straw before looking up the proper way for it to be cleaned. Not only is it one of those things you should be cleaning, but also the way that you clean it is important. As it turns out, you can actually remove the drinking piece and the straw. 

How to clean:

Remove the straw and mouthpiece. Wash all pieces out with dish soap and warm water.

Faucet Aerator

The faucet aerator, or the part of your sink where water comes out, should be cleaned every so often. It is designed as a mesh to control the water flow of your sink; however, minerals from water can build up over time and cause debris. Depending on your sink, there is a way to remove the mesh film so you may clean it.

How to clean:

Remove the faucet aerator if you can, soak in vinegar for five minutes, and then scrub with a brush tool. If you cannot remove it, then use a pin/needle-like tool to try to get the dirt out. 

Your Phone

Don't deny your phone is always in your hand. Your dirty little paws are clicking all over the surface and being put in your mouth when you do things like eat finger foods. Even if you wash your hands regularly, they just get dirty again when you touch your phone. I know it may seem tedious, but you should be cleaning your phone regularly.

How to clean:

Mix a solution of alcohol and water and dab it onto a microfiber cloth. Wipe gently. Simple as that!

These are some definite things you should be cleaning. If you’re always getting sick, or are generally concerned for your health, you should take the time out to clean these few things. If not, I envy your immunity and quite honestly, I am also a little concerned. Jokes aside, I hope these tips were helpful and that they can lead you to a healthier and happier lifestyle.