Reading week is a time for students to catch a break. Although some of us might not be relaxing and have no choice but play catch-up on our schoolwork, everyone can appreciate this entire week of not having classes.

It's important that you constantly find ways to relieve yourself of stress so you don’t burnout. In order to help you make the most out of this short break, I’ve compiled a quick list of stress-relieving activities to do in Vancouver for reading break.

Go For A Walk Around The Beach, False Creek, Or Other Spots

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Going out for a walk is one of the easiest ways to relax; whether it’s from studying all day, or just from being indoors all day, a nice walk is a great way to get a breath of fresh air. Vancouver is home to several spots where you can take a walk along a beautiful view. Oceanside areas such as Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks, and Kits Beach are great spots.

If you haven’t already done so at least ten times, the False Creek Olympic Village walk and the Stanley Park Sea Wall are must-do’s. It’s still chilly out though, so remember to bundle up!

Go Hiking

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The Metro Vancouver region and its surrounding areas are filled with breathtaking outdoor scenes and viewpoints. Although views tend to be best during the warmer days, there are plenty of year-round hikes that anyone can do with some preparation. Some fairly easy and beautiful trails include the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Dog Mountain, Rice Lake, and Lighthouse Park.

Some of the more difficult trails may require snowshoes or crampons, so make sure you do some research on your trail before heading over there. If you’re driving, make sure your vehicle is well-equipped for winter-y terrain, as well. Check these lists out for more options

Chill Out At The Catfé

Catfe, Vancouver

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Or any other café, for that matter. Vancouver has an amazing coffee scene with fantastic local roasters such as 49th Parallel, Matchstick, and Revolver. Independent shops such as Aperture Coffee Bar are also great places to relax and vibe out.

However, for a fun experience that’s bound to relieve some stress, definitely make a reservation for a trip to the Catfé, where you can have your drink with some feline friends. If reservations aren’t available, don’t worry– walk-ins are welcome if there’s enough space.

Take A Trip To The Museums

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Letting your artistic senses flare up can be another entertaining way of taking a break. The Museum of Vancouver and the Vancouver Art Gallery are both filled with great exhibitions– the historical exhibitions in the former, and the visual arts displays in the latter.

The Museum of Vancouver is just along the water’s edge, and the Vancouver Art Gallery is in the heart of downtown; both places are situated in beautiful spots with much to do nearby.

There’s obviously a lot more you can do during your reading week for stress relief. What I’ve provided is a small list of easy-to-do’s that if you aren’t already doing, should absolutely give a go. Hopefully this list can positively contribute to the productivity of your reading break.