Boston is known for shutting down early. Even the T recently stopped late night service, meaning it closes before 1 in the morning. But don't worry, there are a few places keeping some of Boston awake. These places are open 24-hours if you find yourself hungry, day or night. 

1. South Street Diner

South Street Diner has been feeding Boston's late night customers for 70 years. If you're near South Station and in need of a bite to eat, these guys have you covered. 

Repeat customers recommend the grilled banana bread with ice cream. 

2. Bova's Bakery

This North End institution is open 24-hours and it's not just for your sweet tooth. Bova's Bakery is packed with freshly baked breads and sandwiches, making it the perfect stop for carbs when nothing else is open. 

If you're in the area, they're notorious for ricotta cannoli. 

3. Clover Food Lab

Clover Food Lab has had a ton of success in the Boston area. They're serving up delicious food that's actually good for you. If you're starving at 3 AM but you don't want junk food, head over to the Cambridge location for killer falafel and rosemary french fries. 

If you're not feeling up for falafel and fries, the daikon radish sandwich is also sensational. 

4. Victoria's Diner

It's not a huge surprise that there's two diners on this list. It's a classic staple of 24-hour cuisine, and Victoria's Diner is a classic institution of the South End. 

"The Hit Man" sandwich comes highly suggested by the diner's late crowd. 

The next time that you're hungry and everything is closed, be sure to head to one of these Boston establishments for delicious food any time of day or night.