The Halal Guys are bringing their New York charm to the town of Davie, a couple minutes west from Ft. Lauderdale beach

I know, I can't believe it either. The famous food cart from NYC has opened up a new restaurant in my own backyard. The Halal Guys have been serving up gyros and chicken over rice since 1990. The popularity of this food cart has immensely increased over the years because of the delicious and fresh ingredients used to prepare their food.

It's crazy to think that this booming fast casual restaurant franchise started out on the south-east corner of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue. From their crispy falafel bites to their homemade hummus, this joint has been expanding across the country and internationally as well. 

pumpkin, beer
Ava Courtney

Although the line was wrapped around the block, the aroma of the fresh meat made it impossible to pass up. As we walked in, the workers greeted us and quickly went back to preparing for the customers in front. The menu is simple, with a base of rice, tomato, and lettuce with a choice of chicken, gyro, or falafel. The workers' fast pace was necessary because it seemed like the longer we were there, the line grew and grew and grew.

vegetable, burrito
Ava Courtney

#SpoonTip- Vegetarians, hear this. The Halal Guys will happily accomadate you guys by serving up falafel and pita bread that's specifically placed away from the chicken. 

sauce, cheese
Ava Courtney

Well now that we know there is at least one location in South Florida, we can rejoice and hope for more growth from this incredible restaurant (and to finally find out what's in the white sauce). Although The Halal Guys reside in only a couple states, they plan on expanding to all over the country. .

Hope to see you there, which I probably will because I'm going every day!