While in college, I decided to expand my horizons when it comes to taking care of my mental health. Prior to college, I would have never tried acupuncture or any kind of aromatherapy, but I am sure glad I finally did at some point. Not only have these aromatherapy soaps served as a part of my shower routine, but they have provided me with a bit of relief or a boost of energy when I needed it the most. 

I have tried a lot of the Aromatherapy body washes from Bath & Bodyworks and I am going to give you the lowdown on which ones you definitely need to try. The prices are a bit steep, costing around $13.50, but the benefits that they provide are worth splurging on. 

5. Stress Relief - Eucalyptus And SpearMint

This is a good scent for those who like the smell of mint. Personally, I am not a fan as it tends to make me nauseous, but in terms of stress relief, I do always find myself to feel a bit less anxious after I use this body wash. According to the website, eucalyptus clears the mind and spearmint soothes and uplifts. The eucalyptus scent is pleasing and relaxing, which makes this wash even better. 

4. Comfort - Vanilla and Patchouli

This scent is one of my favorites, but the only aspect I do not particularly notice is its comforting effects. I would not use the word "comfort" to describe how I feel after using it, but more "tranquil." The vanilla has the perfect scent and is not artificial smelling, which I appreciate. I can't really describe what patchouli smells like, but it is relaxing. According to their website, vanilla is supposed to encourage a sense of relaxation and the patchouli is said to promote feelings of harmony. 

3. Energy - Orange and Ginger

I absolutely love this scent which is surprising despite I don't like oranges. The orange and ginger create this gorgeous scent that awakens not only your nasal cavities, but it also opens your mind to take in more of the world and the environments surrounding you. According to the website, orange invigorates and uplifts, while ginger energizes your senses. 

2. Sleep - Lavender and Cedarwood

I have terrible insomnia and I have found that using this body wash before bed helps to get me to sleep faster. Lavender smells amazing and the cedarwood gives off this natural scent that takes one away from the thoughts intruding in their own mind and provides a sense of peace and clarity. According to the website, lavender inspires tranquility and cedarwood helps to calm the mind.

1. Happiness - Bergamot and Mandarin

This is my absolutely favorite body wash. After I use it, I always been 10x more rejuvenated and full of life. I suffer from PDD which makes me experience a low mood constantly, but this wash has helped to add moments of happiness to my day. According to the website, bergamot promotes well being and mandarin works to improve one's mood. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for another way to relax, I highly recommend purchasing one of these body washes and giving it a try for yourself. They usually last a long time and a little goes a long way, so make sure you don't use too much at one time. Now that you have read about some of the scents, go out and get your own!