Kingston is home to many things: an infamous federal penitentiary, The Tragically Hip, and (thanks to Queen's) probably the most Canada Goose jackets per capita. Most people don't think of running trails when they think of Kingston, but living here for the past four years has allowed me to explore what lies beyond the Queen's bubble (while getting in some miles too).

1. Waterfront Trail

This was the very first place I ran upon coming to Queen's. You can hit this trail right from campus, as it's conveniently located just across the street from most of the major residence buildings.

The Waterfront trail follows the shore of the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Huron, but the stretch within Kingston starts downtown and runs west (roughly in line with King Street). This trail is pretty flat and offers a gorgeous view of the Royal Military College and Wolfe Island. Watch out for the geese though—they're a bit of a tripping hazard.

2. Lake Ontario Park

If you follow the Waterfront trail long enough, you'll wind up at Lake Ontario Park. This is an ideal place for running stairs or doing hill repeats, as it's fairly elevated and multiple trails converge here. The fall colours are absolutely beautiful and there are numerous maple trees and grassy areas. Bonus: there's also a washroom (open during the summer/fall), making this a great place to make a pit stop during a long run.

3. Marshlands Conservation Area

If you keep running past Lake Ontario Park, you'll arrive at the Marshlands Conservation Area. This area is definitely the closest thing to trail running on this list. It's located adjacent to the Cataraqui Golf Club, so you're close enough to civilization that you can run in the woods without the axe-murderer undertones. The trail itself spans just under three kilometres, ending near Bath Road.

4. Fort Henry

Running to this historic landmark takes you east, over the Lasalle causeway. If you feel like adding more distance, you can run the perimeter of the Royal Military College. For a shorter run, stick to Highway 2 until you get to Fort Henry Drive. The run up Fort Henry Drive is a serious grind, especially when the wind is blowing, but once you get to the top it's all downhill (until you have to come back up again).

Exploring Kingston while on the run is a great way to shake off the cobwebs after a long day in Stauffer or an alternate option when the lines in the ARC are just too long. Lace up your running shoes and get ready to pound the pavement (or dirt) while soaking up Kingston!