I remember sitting in a talk during orientation week as a freshman at Wake and hearing the question "is jogging around campus a major here?" It's no secret that most Wake students love staying active and healthy, if only just to take a break from the weekday stress.

After training for my first half marathon this winter, I've gotten a pretty good sense of the best places to run at and around Wake's campus. 

1. Campus Loop

You know the sidewalk that runs around the quad dorms, upper, and lower quads? That is exactly one mile. Learning that changed the way I run, because if I use that loop, I don't have to turn on my run tracker to know how far I've gone (perfect for when your phone's low on battery).

I like to do this loop when I'm only running a few miles. Just make sure you avoid times when classes are getting out because it can get pretty crowded and hard to maneuver through everyone.

2. Reynolda Trails

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Megan Rivenburg

I feel like this one is well known, but I had to add it since it's such a classic. There are so many different ways you can run the trails, making for a large range of distances and difficulties. You can also go off the trails to the Graylyn and SECCA if you feel like going off the beaten path. 

The trails are especially beautiful to run in the fall when the leaves are changing and during the spring when the flowers at Reynolda gardens are in full bloom.

3. Salem Lake

Megan Rivenburg

This one is perfect for when you feel like getting off campus and exploring more of the hidden parts of the Tre Fo. It's near Salem College and it's a 7 mile loop through winding trails surrounding the lake.

This was my go-to spot for half marathon training and still such a peaceful getaway when I feel like switching things up.

4. DREADmill

Minus the dread. The treadmill has a bad reputation but in reality it's a great tool for training. You can switch the speeds as much as you want and keep them constant, and you can control hills by adjusting the incline. 

My favorite thing to do on the treadmill is sprints because it's so easy to time them perfectly with the clock right there on the board.

I've found it's much easier to get a treadmill at the Miller Center if you go in the morning rather than during gym rush hour in the afternoon.

If you're a runner and looking to switch up your routine, try out one of these places. Even if you're not a runner, give it a try — you may find that you like it.