The hardest part of a workout routine is actually getting a workout routine: to push yourself further everyday, to keep up with your schedule, and to know when you're pushing yourself versus hurting yourself.

The scariest part of a workout routine is finding where to workout.  Gyms – no matter what kind – can be very intimidating places, especially for beginners.  However, that fear can easily be turned into motivation – *insert any age-old cliche of never letting fear stand in your way here.*

Working out is one of my favorite hobbies: I began training almost everyday as a way to combat my severe anxiety, instead of taking medication.  Working out releases positive endorphins that make you feel good during the workout, and after. Lifting, cardio, or high intensity interval training... it doesn't matter - it's now been almost ten years using workouts over medication, and I've never felt better.

I achieved my second degree blackbelt by the time I was 13, and I began boxing and kickboxing shortly after.  When I moved to New York, I began to crave that intense sweat again, and knew I needed to incorporate boxing back into my routine.  However, I had no idea how to find a gym, which gym would be best, etc.  So I did some research.

Here are three incredible boxing gyms for every level.  Each gym focuses on getting in a kickass workout, while serving up some seriously good vibes to follow.

Box + Flow

I want to kick off the list with my personal favorite: Box + Flow.  A 55 minute workout here begins with an 8 minute warmup, and then 9 rounds of speed & power training on heavy bags - "Box."  The final 20 minutes are devoted to "Flow" - a mix of yoga, balance, and bodyweight exercises that act as the "calm after the storm."  It's a full body workout that rids your body of all negative energy to make room for all of those positive endorphins.

Overthrow New York

Overthrow New York offers a few different classes for all levels of experience: they offer underground boxing classes, which are 45 minute sessions of heavy bag work, and shadow boxing, 45 minute ringwork sessions, which focus more on technique, and they also offer personal training sessions. It's by far one of the most intense & funky gyms in the area.  Seriously, check out their 'gram.  You won't be disappointed here.

Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing takes a whole new look at group fitness: it's about the individual.  Seriously, here's a direct quote: "Group fitness should be about you, as an individual. We'll never ask you to conform to a class culture, or a regimen that doesn't work for you."  Their classes last 10-rounds, and are backed by heavy hip hop beats to keep you motivated the whole class.  (They even have a class dedicated to beginners!)

More cliches: Don't let intimidation stop you from achieving your goals.  Seriously!  It's so easy to get caught up in the fear of beginning a workout routine or starting at a new gym, but fight that fear, and then fight a heavy bag. But why should you listen to me?  Let me repeat: almost 10 years later, and I have yet to take any medication for my anxiety.  It works.  You'll thank me later.