As a runner, I know from personal experience there are so many feelings that go into a good run. Who better to describe all the feels that running brings out from start to finish than Michael Scott, manager of Dunder Mifflin and man of many feelings? 

Stage 1: Decision

Deciding to go on a run is the hardest part, in my experience. If you're going on a long run you know it'll take awhile, so you just have to stick with it to reap the benefits afterwards.

Stage 2: Prep

The next step is actually getting ready to go. Putting on my favorite pair of shorts and lacing up those broken-in running shoes, eating a spoonful of peanut butter, and giving myself a pep talk are all pivotal parts of my running prep. No matter what your pre-run routine is, you've gotta get it done. Try these foods before your next run.

Stage 3: Motivation

Michael does have some heartfelt inspirational moments, and this is one of them. You have to make sure you never give up on your goals, whether it's running a mile or training for a marathon.

Stage 4: Warm-Up

Calisthenics. Light jogs. Static stretches. The world of warm-ups is your oyster.

Stage 5: (Finally) Starting Your Run

The best feeling ever is those first few steps of the run. Enjoy them while they last, because in my experience it just gets harder.

Stage 6: Running Thoughts

Running brings out different thoughts in everyone. Whether it's thinking about how awkward your life is, doing math, or thinking about how great you're going to look and feel after the run (all things that I have definitely thought about while running), thinking is a great way to pass the time. Think away, my friend.

Stage 7: Cool-Down

Everyone has their own way of cooling down. My personal favorite is a simple 5-minute jog around the block. Here are some nifty ways to recover from your fun run.

Stage 8: Post-Run

If you crushed it on your workout, you're going to be really tired and could even be in some pain after your run. For me, there is no motivation to even stand up after sitting down (besides food).

Stage 9: Inhaling Everything

This needs no explanation. Give these snacks a try after your workout for some healthy noms.

Stage 10: Several Hours Post-Run

After you start to become numb to the initial pain, that nice soreness sets in and you begin to feel the benefits of your workout. For me, a lot of times this is the morning after the run, but it differs for everyone.

Running takes motivation, dedication, and just a little bit of crazy— all things that Michael brings to the office. Keep your mind set on your goals, and go out there and get it done!