Tacos and Hip-Hop is a monthly event during which the hipster and Hip-hop lovers of West Palm Beach head over to the subculture coffee shop alleyway to enjoy some tacos. For a socially anxious cool cat such as myself, Tacos and Hip-Hop may sound like an unnecessary torture session but it doesn't have to be. Here are 8 tips that'll help you get through and even enjoy Tacos and Hip-Hop:

Bring A Friend 

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Dorothy Sutton

Going alone isn't even something you'd consider when you have social anxiety so ask a friend.Heck the more the merrier, turn the outing into a girl's Tacos and Hip-Hop night out.But make sure you have at least one person that understand your situation and will be there to be your support system and even talk to down a panic attack if needed


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Before heading over to the event, calm your nerves; drink some tea, listen to your favorite song. Prepare yourself mentally by meditating, doing yoga,  listening to some gangster rap or just have a quick chat with a friend. The point is for you to do something that will make you feel calm cool and collected and ready to take over the world( or just tacos and hip-hop).

Have a Taco

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Dorothy Sutton

During the party, if you start to feel too overwhelmed, take a taco break.Get yourself a delicious taco and let it soothe your anxious soul.

Plan For the Worst 

Stay on top of you panic attacks by planning ahead with som coping strategies.You might find it helpful to bring a tiny stress ball small enough to fit in your purse or pocket or comforting object to hang on to when you get nervous. Personally, I choose to use my phone screen saver to save some encouraging note and calming anecdotes that bring me comfort and remind me of how much a bad-ass I am. If you need a place to escape to briefly and go to collect yourself, the subculture coffee shop is open the whole night of the 

Make a Plan, But don't Stick to it  

Dorothy Sutton

I find a lot of comfort in planning thing out so you might find it helpful to do the same but don't stick to it.Downtown West Palm has so a lot to offer so when it get too much stroll down Clematis street you'll be surprised by what you'll find

Dance Like Nobodies Watching 

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Dorothy Sutton

You'll probably feel to self-contentious to even move a muscle, so when that happens it's alright to get on the sideline and take a breather.But when you start feeling like you can give it another try remember that everyone is there to dance and honestly they are way focused on having a good time to watch you, so dance like no one watching!

You Can Leave Whenever you Want   

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Dorothy Sutton

If you find your anxiety levels at a low level then stay as long as you want but if not know that you are the boss and if you don't think you can stay the entire time then its ok to leave

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Dorothy Sutton

Anxiety is a heck of a beast but it's important that you continue to stand up to the voices inside your head that stop you living the life you dream of. Challenge yourself by going over to that party you've been too scared to go to.And if you've up here in South Florida area come by, have a taco enjoy the music for a bit.