Boobs, breasts, or ta-tas, whatever you may call them, exist in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the size, here are some comments to stop saying to women about their boobs:

1. That they are cute

Please don't call them cute. This can affect someone's self-esteem. As a matter of fact, there are so many people think that they are sexy as hell.

2. That they don't have to worry about finding bras in their size

While you think this may be true, it's really not. Most of the time, those A and B bra bins aren't always full, and it's super frustrating. This leaves for an endless search for the right band and cup size.

3. That they do not experience boob sweat

Since when did the size of boobs affect sweat glands?

4. They are "blessed" to be small chested

Just be blessed for what you have and not what others have.

5. They get to wear any sports bra

Just like finding a regular bra, sports bras take just as much time, effort, and focus. 

6. That they should consider getting breast augmentation to up-a-cup

Maybe they're content with the size that their boobs are and have no intention on making them any bigger.

7. That they might not get any action because of their boob size

There's someone for every boob size out there.

Regardless of what your bra size is or what someone else's is, make sure any conversation that you have about boobs is appropriate and progressive.