Every summer, our favorite artists' line-up to play our favorite music and aid in some of the best experiences of the year. But staying safe and being mindful is necessary, even during these mini vacations from reality. Here are my top five tips as to how to stay safe and sound at summer music festivals. 

1. Water 

If you have ever been to a music festival, whether it be Coachella, EDC, or Sonic Bloom, you know the importance of water. Every year, hundreds of innocent festival goers end up in medical tents or in the back of ambulances due to one simple mistake. Forgetting to always drink water. Festivals put a lot of stress and strain on our bodies. Sleeping in a tent, dealing with sweltering heat, and suffering from a lack of food. Let’s get to the point. If you want to stay energized, healthy, and full, you need to constantly drink water. Keep yourself hydrated. Always keep multiple bottles of water in your sleeping space and most importantly, when you travel from artist to artist. 

2. Don’t Dress to Impress, Dress to Enjoy

Nicole Albanese

I get it. Festival can sometimes be photo opportunities, right? It’s the perfect time to meet up with friends and to show off your latest and greatest outfits. But think about it. It may not be worth 12 hours of uncomfortable shuffling through grass and mud, just to look cute for a few pictures. Try it one day. Sport your latest and greatest comfies and your day will be transformed. No chafing, no blisters on your feet, and no sweating. Wear your cutest polo with some Lululemon shorts and call it a day. I guarantee that the people around you will appreciate your comfortable style enough to still include you in their pics. 

3. Vibe Tribe

Negativity sucks. Traveling to musical festivals, however, does not. I am begging you, don’t be that one person in your squad who hurls negativity left and right for the entire weekend. Festivals provide an environment unlike any other. Where everyone around you is generally on the same page and enjoying the same beautiful environment. Put your real world worries to the side and relax. It’s rare to find yourself in such a mind-bending, relaxing, and fulfilling environment like the one you will encounter at a music festival. So take it easy, stress is not welcomed here. Take it in and enjoy, there's no room for saltiness on the dance floor. 

4. Safety in Numbers

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Nicole Albanese

Festival pros can look away from this tip, this one is for the more inexperienced festival goers. We all know that festivals are a ton of fun and should definitely be appreciated for every amazing detail that they display. However, festivals can be more than just beautiful. Bad things do happen. With this being said, you can find safety in numbers at any music festival you are at. Roaming around on your own may lead you to get lost or confused, which definitely isn’t good. Keeping a close friend or group around will put you in a safer position and will allow you to avoid potential dangers. Your squad will keep you safe, so just don’t linger too far. 

5. Know Your Limits

This one is important. And for all of you stubborn kids out there, even the professionals should stop to smell the roses on this one. People can get a little crazy at their summer festivals, it’s almost like a party for the entire weekend. Please. Know your limits. Do not be one of the kids rolling around in mud screaming random words at others. Enjoy yourself, but not enough to put yourself or anyone else in danger. I promise you, you’ll have fun without getting belligerent or too over the top.