As much as I’m enjoying this journey of making over my life, there are some everyday hurdles that I face. For example, I want to inhale carbs and desserts like a vacuum whenever my eyes meet them. But, even harder than that? Having the motivation and drive to go to the gym every day after working for eight hours.

Trying to keep a consistent, fun, and effective workout schedule is definitely hard, but luckily I’ve created a bitchin' (yes bitchin') playlist that you can use to sweat all the stresses of the day away.

I have a few different genres that I like for different workouts and levels of intensity. 

Female Empowerment

This is for when I’m really feeling myself. Music by women for women can make you feel like a boss with its upbeat tempos and lyrics. I use this playlist for cardio that I want to forget I’m actually doing.

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Sam Dilling

Mantangi by M.I.A.- I have to preface my love for this song. Before the summer Olympics took place last year, Under Armor released a commercial featuring U.S. gymnastic hopefuls and this song as part of their “Rule Yourself” campaign. It shows the girls training intensely for the Olympics, and at the end the screen reads, “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.” The combination of the hardworking attitudes and the unstoppable beat reminds me to work hard for what I want to achieve, and let nothing stop me. (So corny, not even sorry about it.)


I know what you’re thinking. This is probably what all the dude-bros listen to when they’re trying to get yolked (whatever the hell that means). But I actually find that this type of music is really good for blocking out anything external and keeping me focused on what I’m doing.

Wild Out by Borgore & Waka Flocka Flame- The main reason I like this song so much is that despite how much energy it comes with, the tempo varies throughout. Because of that, I’m able to time my specific activity to the tempo of the music. For example, when I’m on the treadmill and the beat drops, that’s the time that I’ll do sprints. When the tempo slows down, so does my pace. 

Zumba Music

When I want to be motivated for a long stretch of time, I listen to Zumba music. A lot of Zumba classes use songs that have a little Latin flare to them, which I love. The tempo stays consistently high throughout the whole song and there’s pretty much no time to rest. I’ll listen to this if I’m biking, running, or even in an actual Zumba class.

Floor On Fire by Lil' Jon feat. Pitbull & Machel Montano- The percussions in this song are wild. The bongos keep me amped up the entire time and, although I hate to admit it, Lil' Jon always gets me in a good mood. To make the time go a little quicker, because I’m a little ADHD-crazy by now, I’ll imagine myself actually doing the Zumba routines, so I have something to distract me from running or biking. 'Cause let’s be real, who actually enjoys it?

I have many other songs on my never-ending playlist, and these specific songs might not necessarily work for you. But my point is that working out isn’t just about the fitness aspect. The music you’re listening to will help you accomplish your goals and keep you motivated to want to achieve more than you ever thought you could.