We all face those dreaded nights in our life when we feel exhausted and know we need rest but can't figure out how to sleep. It starts with constant turning in bed, readjusting pillows, and endlessly scrolling on Instagram. Now I have a number of ways to kick sleepless nights and ensure a restful sleep

1. Meditate


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Meditation is known to help clear the mind and allow you to become more in touch with your body. Next time your mind fills with racing thoughts that prevent you from sleeping, try to meditate. Focusing on your breath will relax the muscles in your body and keep your mind concentrated on something simple. Slowly but surely you should start to drift off into a deep and relaxed sleep.

2. Count Backwards

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I bet you remember your mother telling you to count sheep when you were younger. Rather than doing something so simple that college students could literally probably do in their sleep, I suggest counting backwards from a big number such as 200. It is harder and takes longer to focus on the preceding number which forces you to focus your mind on something simple. If you hit 0, just start over again. 

3. Read a Book

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Give your eyes and mind a break by getting off of technology to read a book. Reading a book that won't cause stress, sadness, or fear is a relaxing way to end a long day. Perhaps read a book about food! On numerous occasions I've read until my eyes could no longer stay open and I bet you will too.

4. Drink Tea

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Although all tea is soothing for the body, chamomile tea is specifically known to induce sleep. The chemical properties in chamomile tea work as a mild tranquilizer and sleep inducer that calm the body's central nervous system. It is recommended to drink tea 30 minutes before you're ready for bed for full effectiveness.

5. Change The Direction You Are Laying In

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This may be more of mind game than a scientifically proven fact, but most nights when I have trouble falling asleep I simple put my pillows at the end of the bed where my feet usually are. I'm not sure if it's the change in environment or if it's the same as flipping your pillow to the cooler side, but it seems to work for me more often than not. 

Not all nights are as relaxing as we'd like them to be. By making small changes before we rest our heads on our pillows, we can ensure ourselves a more restful sleep.