Tennis superstar Serena Williams has played over 1,000 matches throughout her career, and has earned 22 grand slam singles titles. She is such a champion that she coined the term Serena Slam (winning four consecutive grand slam titles). Not only that, but she is now the highest paid female athlete in the world. Her talent has earned her endorsement deals with Gatorade, Beats by Dre, NikeMINI USA, and more. So how does one of the most talented athletes fuel her body? We have the answers. 

What fuels her fire?

Although I never expect to match the athletic accomplishments that Serena has achieved, I still want to know how she gets her body ready for a match. Keeping in mind that the longest women's singles match ever played lasted six hours and 31 minutes, I assumed Serena would need at least a spoonful of peanut butter for sustained energy (or maybe even some tacos).

Unfortunately, tacos aren't the best pre-match fuel option. Instead, nutrition consultants recommend raw foods that are low in fat and high in carbohydrates, like a fruit salad or smoothie.

To balance carbs with protein, Serena makes her own tacos, and even packs corn tortillas to take on trips with her. To find a healthier substitute for her favorite food, Serena has nodded to lettuce wrapped tacos with lean meats, fish, or raw fillings. 

Serena's healthy tacos may suit her on off days, but on match day, Serena has admitted to not eating at all out of nervousness. One thing that does fuel her: a determination not to let anything or anyone define her potential. Based on the success of her career, this confident mentality could be the best fuel Serena could ever have. Keep it up queen.