On March 17, the Irish (and those who claim they're Irish) celebrate St. Patrick's Day. With all the parades, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirts, and green beer drinking, this holiday is also pretty dangerous. Make sure you party safely on St. Patrick's Day (and stuff your face with tasty grub too).

According to WalletHub, in 2016 roughly 33 million people around the world joined in on the Irish festivities. That same article also stated that roughly every 74 minutes, "alcohol-related car crashes claim a life" during this spirited holiday.

Yes, the green-filled holiday tends to be full of loud, boisterous drunk people - what's not to love? But really, if you plan on drinking, follow these helpful tips to party safely on good ol' St. Patrick's Day.

The Obvious: Eat Something

You've heard it time and time again. It's extremely important you start the morning with a protein-packed breakfast before the green-festivities begin. If you plan on drinking throughout the day, be smart and eat beforehand. Drinking on an empty stomach causes the alcohol to go straight to your bloodstream, getting you pretty drunk pretty quickly.

#Spoon-Tip: Spice things up and make a colorful breakfast to really get in the Irish-mindset.

Share Your Location

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Gabby Cano

The beloved app, brought to iPhone users around the globe, is titled "Find My Friends," and it's genius. If your plans for the day include hitting up crowded bars or catching a glimpse of the local parade, share your location with a few of your buddies. It'll come in handy if you lose your phone during your day of shenanigans, or if you accidentally split up from your group of friends.

Plan a ride home

Don't leave this for a last-minute scramble. It's never fun trying to figure out a ride after a long night out when all you want to do is go home, get into sweatpants, and warm up that leftover fried rice from the other day. So, whether it's Uber, a sober friend or a cab, make a plan for after your drunken celebration. 

Don't Bring Anything Valuable

That means extra cash or accessories that could easily get lost in the chaos of the crowds. Be smart about the items you choose to take with you. Bring what is necessary, which includes your phone, money and excessive amounts of green beaded necklaces. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The past couple years I've attended the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago, so I've become a pro in the crowds. Stay alert and do not take a moment to look down at your phone as you attempt to walk through a crowd. Losing your friends or your personal items can be scary, so be aware of your surroundings.

Yes, this holiday is energetic and full of spontaneous acts of kissing strangers. Go eat a fat corned beef sandwich and dance like Ron Swanson, because this Irish celebration calls for it. If you plan on drinking, take my advice for what it's worth - it'll help you party safely on St. Patrick's Day.