New Year's Eve has a certain mystique surrounding it. It's become idolized in movies and TV, and people feel that something big and exciting has to happen to them on or before midnight. But I'm here to tell you it is just fine to spend quality time with your favorite sweats and save that sequined dress for next year. 

Now, I'm not preaching to never go out or have a party on NYE. They can be fun and absurd in the best way, and I fully support those fun, absurd times. This year though, the stars did not align for a sequin-filled night out. Rather than being completely bummed about not ringing in the new year with my favorite party animals, I decided to be okay with it and even view it positively.

Hopefully these five realizations can help you if you're ever stuck at home on NYE. 

NYE is Expensive

We all know this is true, and we all try to justify it to ourselves every year. Sometimes, yes, it is worth it for a night out with nearly free champagne, but the surge price of the Uber at the end of the night leaves us starting the new year off feeling broke. 

Why Sequins?

The Founding Fathers must have included in the Constitution that all women must wear some sort of sequins on New Year's Eve or else. Sequins are fun and flirty, especially when you only really wear them once a year, but let's be real: it is not so great the next day when your sequined sleeves have rubbed your armpits raw. 

The "Midnight Kiss" is Overrated

It has been drilled into our heads that we must kiss someone/something at midnight or we will die and turn back into a pumpkin. If you have a real someone, congrats! You've become Cinderella. But for the rest of us, it can be slightly drunken and possibly slobbery. So we should all be honest with ourselves and give a kiss to the thing that deserves it: tequila.   

Sweatpants Are Always the Best Pants

Few things can compare to being able to wear sweats for an extended amount of time. You can do this and more when you stay home! The only thing to make it better is spending sweats time with your favorite people or animals.

There Are No Limits to Your At-Home Buffet

Finally, since this is Spoon, I can't go without saying that food is clearly why staying home is key. No expensive, fancy buffet can include ALL of your favorites in one place. So have some Flamin' Hot Cheetos with your champagne — this is your party! And while you're at it, find some great NYE recipes on Spoon.

Chester the Cheetah on the couch is exactly how I rang in 2017, and it was glorious. I started the new year with no hangover, a great night's sleep, and no stray sequins anywhere. Sometimes the FOMO is real, but it really doesn't have to be.