If you need to know one thing about me, know this: I need my sleep. That being said, I can't always get enough at night. Not getting enough sleep can slow your metabolism, and keep your brain from repairing itself after a long day — yikes. Luckily, I've turned to this new nap technique to recharge during long days, and it leaves me more well-rested than my old "I'll just take a quick......oh crap, is it morning?" naps. It's called a coffee nap (or a caffeine nap), and it's here to change your life. 

The Science:

As stated in the video, it takes about 25-45 minutes for caffeine to start working in your body. While you sleep, adenosine in your brain cells (the stuff that makes you feel tired in the first place) is cleared out naturally and replaced by caffeine molecules, which are conveniently shaped just like adenosine. When you wake up, you'll have reaped the benefits of your coffee and the power nap. Score. 

What You Need: 

About 8 oz. of your favorite caffeine

Somewhere to sleep (bed, floor of the library, study cubicle...wherever)

A clock to wake you up 

How You Do It: 

Get comfy with your favorite caffeinated beverage. I've never tried anything besides coffee, but a Pepsi Max or an herbal tea with a high caffeine content could probably do the trick too.

coffee, milk, tea, beer
Sarah Yanofsky

Next, get drinking! I always use iced coffee for my coffee naps so I can drink it faster, but if hot coffee is more your vibe, go for it. After you've finished your drink of choice, off to dreamland you go. Even if you don't totally fall asleep, "resting your eyes" in a cool, dark room with comfy pillows will still be beneficial. 

coffee, tea, espresso, milk, cappuccino, bed, cozy, Morning, mug
Caroline Ingalls

Finally, come back into the real world at the sound of your alarm, feeling well-rested and ready to take on the rest of your day! Coffee naps have saved my life on multiple occasions, and here's to hoping you'll grow to love them, too.