Music is my escape from just about anything, and I'm not sure I can imagine a life without it. I listen to music while doing homework. I listen to music in bed. I listen to music anywhere and everywhere. Whether my mood ranges from super sad to extremely happy, these songs always manage to lift my spirits. 

Nearly any genre and artist can get my head pumping and smile shining. However, there are a few songs that never get old. I hope to be able to bring some of that joy I feel in listening to these songs to everyone. So with that, here is a list of my favorite recent songs and albums that put me in the best of mood, no matter the situation

Somebody by The Chainsmokers 

The Chainsmokers latest release, "Somebody", from their new album, 'Sickboy', is by far my top favorite song right now. The uplifting, inspirational lyric, "Only thing that I can't afford is to lose myself tryna be somebody" reminds listeners that they should be comfortable in their own skin, as appose to acting like someone they're not in order to impress others. With a chill pop beat and a powerful message, the song has made the iTunes Top 10 in just under 1 week from its release date. I highly recommend giving it a listen. 

What I Need (feat. Kehlani) by Hayley Kiyoko

With the launch of her new debut album, Hayley Kiyoko certainly did not fail to deliver on her collaboration with Kehlani in the song, "What I Need". This is definitely a song you would jam out to in the shower or dance around your bathroom to pretending your hairbrush is a microphone.

OTW by Khalid, 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

In my opinion, every one of Khalid's songs is better than the next. His album, "American Teen" debuted in Top 10 on the Billboard 200, and has continued to deliver fresh, innovative music ever since. This song is no exception, with features from 6LACK and Ty Dolla $ign. This will for sure be a song on my summer playlist. 

Cassette by ayokay 

"Cassette" by ayokay, reminds me of summer and happy times. It's feel-good beat never fails to put a smile on my face. I feel like this would be the ideal song to play while driving with friends in a convertible with the top down at sunset. 

The Story of Us (Deluxe) by Quinn XCII

If you know ayokay, you must know Quinn XCII. The two grew up six blocks away from each other. It did not take long for them to band together and start making music. Although in college Quinn XCII started as a rapper, he started to develop his iconic sound, which has a laid-back, hip-hop, electronic, and tropical feel. Ayokay continued producing Quinn’s records, and they blew up. Quinn’s first label release, "Stung", shot to #1 on HypeMachine, and shortly after, Quinn’s collaboration with Ayokay on ‘Kings of Summer’ hit #1 on Spotify's Global Viral Chart.

And with that, I can confidently say that I love every single song on his newest album, 'The Story of Us' and highly recommend you give it a listen. If you can't get enough of Quinn, check out another one of my favorites on the album, "Straightjacket".

Cosmic by Bazzi

Another incredible album, 'Cosmic' by Bazzi, makes the top of my playlist for sure. The first song you might recognize on the album, "Mine", which went platinum, had an outrageous impact on meme culture and a lingering presence on Snapchat a few months back. Bazzi's lyrics are consistently corny but memorable. His smooth vocal range makes it easy to involuntarily sing along to songs such as "Honest" and "Why", two of my favorite songs on the album. 

While this song isn't on the album, I also love "Sober" by Bazzi. 

First Time (Gryffin Remix) by Kygo, Ellie Goulding 

Once my friend introduced this song to me, I knew it would make the top of my favorites playlist. The lyrics are reminiscent of the carefree teenage years, shown through the lyrics, 

"Getting drunk on a train track

Way back, when we tried our first cigarettes (oh)

Ten dollars was a fat stack

I'd do it all again (oh)"

This song is definitely one I'd play while sitting around a fire with friends in the summer or running along the beach at night with sparklers. 

Plot Twist by Marc E. Bassy, Kyle

"Plot Twist" by Marc E. Bassy is a slickly produced, sexy single from his full-length album, 'Gossip Columns'. Bassy is eclectic, as he incorporates pop, urban, and singer/songwriter cues into his music. This makes him a compelling artist—one chocked full of potential.

Paris in the Rain by Lauv

Last but certainly not least, this song delivers nothing short of sheer enchantment. I love Lauv and all his songs, but there was something that stood out to me about "Paris in the Rain". I was immediately drawn to the song's intimacy and its capability of being able to seemingly transport me to the streets of Paris with its lyrics. This song will definitely stay at the top of my list for a long time. 

I hope you consider giving all of the songs and albums a listen because they're definitely worth hearing. Hopefully, you will experience the same joy I feel in listening to them, and they will put you in the best of moods. So don't just stand there, get to work on making those playlists!

#SpoonTip: Click here to view my "favorites" playlist if you need some inspiration for your playlist!