I am a skin care fanatic. My obsession with trying new products and routines stems from my struggle with acne, redness, and general complexion. Cleansing is a basic foundation for any skin care routine, and I had been unable to find a product that was both soothing and effective. I bounced between exfoliating scrubs, cream-based cleansers, and acne foams without lasting success. And then there was micellar water. 

Micellar water is made up of micelles, cleansing oil molecules in soft water. The water cleans without stripping the skin barrier, and there are no wash clothes or sink puddles involved!

The product is effective as both a makeup remover and facial cleanser and is applied by soaking a cotton round and wiping over the skin and eyes. I use it to remove makeup before showering and as a cleanser/toner duo before applying serum, moisturizer and sunscreen.

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Julia Carullo

Because micellar water eliminates the need for washing with harsh, hard water, skin is less likely to be irritated or upset by various tap water qualities or rubbing with a wash cloth. 

Micellar water is known for its ability to cleanse deeply without stripping skin of natural oils. Some solutions are more specific in purpose - pore purifying, hydrating - but all remain non-irritating. 


I was introduced to the concept by Into the Gloss, where beauty routine interviews, such as Louis Follain's and Wendy Rowe's, continued to reference and rave over micellar water. 

BioDerma's line of micellar solutions is a common name on Into the Gloss and other beauty platforms. While I cannot speak for individuals specifically, it has not caused my skin or eyes any discomfort. When trying a new product, it's a good idea to test a small area for irritation before using all over. 

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Julia Carullo

Micellar water was a staple of French beauty routines before it began to show popularity in the United States. Specifically, Parisians used micellar water to avoid the especially harsh, over-drying, alkaline water in the city. The product is effortless (très français!) and cleanses without stripping the skin of hydration, as the tap water does. French pharmacies have a wide variety of micellar water products, and I was in heaven during my first visit to Paris this past spring. 

Julia Carullo

My Experience

Though it might not be the same for all, I can personally say that my complexion has improved.

I have been using micellar water for about a year and have seen results because I am no longer irritating my skin by the minerals in tap water, scrubbing with a wash cloth or changing products regularly. This has helped the redness and breakouts to die down. Micellar water is also more convenient in a college, hall-style setting without a sink in close vicinity. 

I am more confident in my cleansing routine and know it can combat exam week stresses and the occasional french fry. 

And in college, that is definitely revolutionary.

If you'd like to take the leap into micellar water, explore:  BioDerma Sébium, Hydrabio (I currently use these!), L'OréalGarnierLa Roche-PosayLancôme.