We sat down with Joe Goncalves who is the treasurer for HEAL to learn more about Sex Week at Braynt University. HEAL is a great organization on campus that dedicates meetings and events to raising awareness and supporting healthy habits!

Spoon: What is HEAL?

Joe: H.E.A.L stands for Health Education Awareness Leaders. We focus on personal awareness and health. We strive to make Bryant students more aware of their personal well being and health issues that affect them daily. We do programs that are specifically designed to educate students, raise awareness, and advocate for positive decisions, actions and attitudes regarding health issues.

Spoon: Why is sexual health awareness important on college campuses/at Bryant?

Joe: Sexual health is important on any college campus because students tend to fear talking about sex, which results in poor communication and leads into issues with consent and getting tested for STD's. If students know more about their own sexual health and feel comfortable talking with others about it, then students can feel more safe and potentially be more active in the conversations surrounding sex. It is also important to note that sex means different things to different people, so it cannot be defined simply as just putting a penis in a vagina. Communicating anything regarding sex and sexuality is important because it allows for students to feel empowered and knowledgeable on a topic that is not typically so openly or comfortably expressed. 

Spoon: Why should someone join HEAL?

Joe: Students should join H.E.A.L because our members believe that through working together and planning events, we can successfully impact Bryant's campus by creating healthy bodies and minds for students. 

Here's the list of what HEAL is planning for Sex Week at Bryant. Be sure to check out their page for more information and stop by their table this week. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to head to their meetings on Mondays at 3:30pm in Room 1!