Who doesn't love a sweet treat throughout the hottest days of summer? Well, here's the sweetest treat of all: Talenti. Now, maybe you're lactose intolerant. Or maybe, like myself, you just aren't the biggest fan of dairy ice cream. Whatever the case is, Talenti will always be the best option.

Why Talenti?

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Hailey Almsted

First things first, Talenti is made with real ingredients. Pure cane sugar, straight from the farm milk, and fresh flavors, like raspberries or vanilla beans, are some of the naturally delicious ingredients.

Not only is this a healthy alternative to some other frozen treats, but the packaging is BPA-free aka it's environmentally friendly!

35 Flavors, and counting...

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Talenti prides itself on having two options: sorbetto and gelato. Both are absolutely delicious treats, and they each come in a wide variety of flavors. With 35 flavors of gelato alone, including pumpkin pie, fudge brownie, and caramel apple pie, the options are endless.

But it doesn't end there. Talenti also offers 5 flavors of sorbet—alphonso mango, blood orange, chocolate, peanut butter, and roman raspberry. 

But wait, there's still more! Talenti goes as far as to offer gluten-free, fat-free, kosher, and vegetarian options. Anyways, most of the flavors fall under these categories already!

Lactose intolerant? No worries!

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Okay, so Talenti is gluten-free and fat-free, but did you know they also have dairy-free options? Unfortunately, every flavor of their gelato has dairy, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy any of their other treats. All 5 flavors of sorbetto are 100% dairy-free, meaning anyone can enjoy them!

So, does Talenti actually taste good?

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Hailey Almsted

If Talenti didn't taste good, I wouldn't be writing this! Without a doubt, Talenti's sorbetto is my favorite binge-worthy treat. I actually prefer Talenti to any other ice cream. My favorites include their vanilla bean gelato, roman raspberry sorbetto, and the chocolate sorbetto.

#SpoonTip: Mix raspberry and chocolate sorbetto for a delicious combination of flavors!

Now, go rush to your local grocery store or Target to find this incredibly delicious summer treat!