Kim Kardashian West stayed true to her aesthetic today when announcing the launch of her very own online beauty collection, KKW Beauty. Just like she when she's dropping new KIMOJIs, Kim revealed the news by posting a simple, somewhat vague video to Instagram. The clip flashes four messages: 06, 21, 17, KKWBEAUTY.COM. And just like that, the world was shook.

Kim's recent lip kit collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics must have been a fulfilling experience for her, since the arrival of KKW Beauty is following shortly after the KKW x Kylie promotion. The collection did initially sell out in under two hours, so maybe Kim was inspired by its success? 

Or most likely, the beauty line was already in the works, and the collab with her sister was a fun teaser to see how the line would perform. After all, she did leave a note in her KKW x Kylie lip kit boxes that said she had a surprise coming soon... looks like KKW Beauty is it!

I can't help but wonder what Kylie's thoughts are on Kim launching what seems like the exact same business, only branded Kim Kardashian West style. In any case, I'll still be eagerly checking my social feeds, anxiously waiting for Kim to give us more pieces to the puzzle.

Beauty and Its Many Possibilities

As far as what we can expect from KKW Beauty, there's a really wide range of directions Kim could have chosen to go in. Although I'm hoping that Kim's brand will take a slightly different path than Kylie's brand has, KKW Beauty could truly just be Kim's version of Kylie Cosmetics.

To be clear, it's not that I don't like Kylie Cosmetics. I actually really enjoy Kylie's products and have purchased several for myself. (Shout out to the Apricot lip kit — literally the perfect summer shade.) I just like seeing variety from the KarJenners, and it seems like Kim could be stepping on Kylie's toes by creating what seems like a copycat company.

In fact, the two ventures are looking pretty similar from the little information Kim has given us. Yesterday on Snapchat, she shared that the first item that KKW Beauty will release is a crème contour kit. She also posted a Snap of a few small vials of liquid along with a few small bags of colorful crystals, captioned "KKW Fragrance Meeting."

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West's Snapchat

Today via Instagram, she let the world know that she's also dropping a highlight kit. Can you hear Jaclyn Hill screaming in the distance?

Since she's revealed two different areas of the beauty that she's dabbling in (makeup and fragrance), I'm hopeful that Kim will further expand her line beyond those areas and include a skin care collection.

The woman has one of the most famously beautiful faces on the planet — so beautiful that it's often considered flawless. I need Kim's skincare routine so that I can be on that level of flawless, too.

Kim could also include a hair product line in KKW Beauty. The Kardashian sisters already have a Kardashian hair line (the dry shampoo is A++ and smells great), but if Kylie having her own beauty company didn't deter Kim, I doubt the Kardashian collection would either.

The idea of a KKW hair care line has me thinking of thick, luscious hair masks, the perfect shine serum, and the best flat iron to ever grace the Milky Way — all fit for a Kardashian. She could even come out with hair extensions — the possibilities are endless, and so is the wait for June 21.

No matter what KKW Beauty ends up being, I have no doubt that it's going to be a killer collection full of items that will have us all spending money that we probably shouldn't be spending. Until then, I'll keep thinking about KKW Beauty and easy ways to make extra money.