Real eyes, realize, real lies...especially when it comes to food. Next time you walk into a Whole Foods and see a piece of candy or a bag of chips and assume that because it's in Whole Foods, it is not junk food, STOP. When it comes down to it, you might as well save yourself the extra bucks and go for the Reese's or the Lays chips. Because in reality, it's all the same. 

Reese's Vs. Justin's Peanut Butter Cups

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Sami Reinhard

It's hard to label candy as healthy, especially peanut butter cups. But that's what they are—candy bars. It turns out that when it comes to calories, Reese's has 120 calories versus Justin's having 140 calories. The total amount of fat in Reese's is 3 grams per serving, while Justin's has 16 grams per serving. Justin's also contains 20 grams of sugar, while Reese's has 14 grams of sugar per serving. On the outside, Justin's says "organic" and gluten free, yet it's technically less-healthy than Reese's. 

Twizzlers Vs. Darell Lea Liquorice 

Liquorice or licorice? Besides being an overly fancy term to call the cavity inducing candy, Darell Lea Liquorice is not all that fancy. Believe it or not, your fave Twizzlers actually have less calories, less fat, same amount of sugar, same amount of carbs, and same amount of protein per three pieces of candy. So why spend more? Ohhhh for the "natural flavoring" on the label. Ya, no thanks.

Trolli Sour Worms Vs. Surf Sweet Worms

Before you throw away the arguably the best candy to opt for its "healthier" alternative...chill out. Surf Sweet Worms are the gluten-free, organic, non-artificial flavoring version of Trolli junk food. While all that deserves a thumbs up, that's about all it deservers. These two are a lot more similar than you think. The amount of calories, fat, sugars, and carbs are basically the same for both brands.   

Teddy Grahams Vs. Annie's Organic Bunny Grahams

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First of all, teddy bears over bunnies all day. These two cookies literally taste and look exactly the same. Annie's packaging says that they are "Made of Goodness." But let me tell you, I argue the same for my teddies. They have the same amount of calories. The same amount of protein. The same amount of fat. The only difference is that they are made with "Organic Wheat Flour". Doesn't convince me. 

Gimme The Sugar

With all that being said, if you are going to eat a cookie or a gummy worm, just go all out and eat the best damn cookie you can get. Some things just weren't meant to be healthy.