Have you ever watched "Long Island Medium" or "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" and wondered how these psychic mediums connect with those who have crossed over? I decided to take matters into my own hands and visit a psychic medium to see if I could connect with some of my loved one who have left the physical world. 

What Happened?

When I entered the room, I was immediately directed to sit on a couch in a room filled with essential oils and tissues. The medium asked me if I had ever seen one before and I told him no. He warned me that since it was both my father and I in the room, that more spirits would be prone to show up. The first thing he said was "I am seeing a women who died tragically whether it be a mother, sister, daughter, etc." This was a miss off of the bat because fortunately we still have those people in our lives. We told him that we could not identify these people and then he started to say the beginning of names including Mary and Marie. One of those names resonated with my father, but it is highly unlikely that it was the person he was thinking of based off of his description. He said that she swore and was very out of the box and that was completely inaccurate.

He then went to say "Jack, John, or Frank" are coming through. If you think this through, a lot of older people who have died have these names. It is not like he said names such as "Anderson" or "Gerald" which are not as common and more specific. My grandfather happened to have one of those names and then he went along to say how he died from cancer or a heart attack. Again, cancer and heart attack are two common illnesses that many people die from. My grandfather did not die from these and it was at this point where I began to think it was a scam.

About halfway through, he began to be more specific about the personality characteristics of both of my grandparents which I thought was impressive. He also mentioned how someone was moving to the south which I thought was weird since I am moving to Florida soon. He was able to tell my dad that he needs a new car and he is prone to back pain which are both true, but those are still somewhat general statements. 

The end of the session included some numerology based on my birthday which led him to tell me how my love life was going to take off within the next year and I was going to be changing majors. I don't know how much I believe either of those claims, but I guess I'll take them with an open mind. 

Overall Thoughts

Prior to this reading, I was convinced that there was a way to communicate to the dead, but after my experience I am indifferent. Although he was able to distinguish my grandparents, a majority of what he said was wrong and he kept making statements until one of them resonated with me. I do think that mediums could provide potential comfort to those who are grieving from the loss of a loved one, but at the same time I think they are more there to take advantage of vulnerable people who are going through a difficult time and are looking for any sense of validation.