Essential oil is the primary tool of aromatherapy and is compounded from a variety of plant extracts — each extract has different benefits for your body, mind and emotionsMONQ therapeutic air® has created essential oil pens that combine some of the most powerful essential oils to provide immediate healing and relief.  

Many college students cope with stress by turning to unhealthy foods, prescription medications, nicotine and alcohol. With a busy schedule, it's crucial to have healthy coping mechanisms to wind down and de-stress — MONQ products are made from all natural ingredients and are 100% chemical free. 

MONQ goes in-depth on their website on the science behind how particular scents trigger the brain to feel certain ways and transmits information such as perception and learning.

MONQ has changed the essential oil game

The benefits that come from essential oils are endless — skin, hair and body care are the most commonly known, but what else can we do with this healing product? MONQ answered that question by creating portable aromatherapy diffusers.

These products contain no nicotine, artificial flavoring, or chemicals. It’s literally just essential oil and vegetable glycerin that turns into water vapor — how cool is that? 

Just breathe

When I first saw this product I was totally on deck because I’m an avid essential oil user. I have my migraine oil combo down to a science and I'm a firm believer it provides immense relief. There's no need for inhaling this product, just simply breathe.

Many college students develop a habit of smoking cigarettes to relieve stress — MONQ's essential oil diffuses are a much healthier alternative if you just can't kick that hand to mouth habit. 

10 custom blends

Each MONQ blend is a compound of three main ingredients. My two favorite blends are Zen and Happy — Zen contains orange, frankincense and ylang-ylang while Happy contains fennel, thyme and vanilla. MONQ has 7 original blends: Zen, Vibrant, Sleepy, Active, Happy, Healthy and Sexy. The company recently released their new series blends: Forest, Ocean and Mountain.

For those who struggle falling asleep at night without medication, you've just met your soulmate — MONQ's Sleepy blend is the perfect sleep aid, no counting sheep necessary. 

My experience

The Zen blend has such a refreshing vibe that truly mellowed me out, while Happy was super uplifting and energizing. The diffusers release great flavors and smells, making the act of breathing-in the device very relaxing.

As a college student, these two blends give me the best of both worlds. My next purchase will be the Active blend, because coffee can only do so much during finals week.

Everyone is guilty of forgetting to breathe due to the stress of every day life, these products force you to take continuous deep breaths to relax and reap immediate benefits from the customized blends. Many people have experienced anxiety relief from the use of MONQ’s products, as read under their Facebook reviews

How frequently do you use MONQ?

Two to three gentle breaths two to three times a day is recommended by MONQ and one device should last the user up to four weeks.

#SpoonTip: A big thank you to MONQ therapeutic air® for sending me these products to try out, I am very pleased with my experience — I recommend that everyone do their individual research before deciding if this product is right for them. With this link, you will be able receive 10% off all MONQ products. The discount will appear at checkout.