What do you think of when you think of a spa? A bunch of free spirits in head to toe linen as they munch on locally sourced, non GMO, gluten free, vegan granola? Or maybe it's a mirrored image of the song "Fabulous" from High School Musical 2 including towels from turkey and turkey from Maine?  Although I wish my time at Miraval Spa featured Lucas Grabeel playing a pink piano in the pool, the closest I got to this scene was a cardio drumming class.

8:00 am: Wake Up & Workout

Our mornings began with a workout. Miraval offered a large array of fitness classes from Cardio Drumming (pictured above) to Water Aerobics. Despite my inability to keep a rhythm, I spent the next 45 minutes sweating, laughing and shimmying. 

9:00 am: Breakfast

Sweaty and having earned a delicious meal, we then would enjoy all that the breakfast buffet and menu had to offer. The buffet had a large array of food; from overnight pumpkin pie oatmeal, to a sweet potato topped with pesto and a fried egg. Alongside the more creative foods, they always had fresh fruit and pancakes. There also was a small menu with options such as huevos rancheros or an omelette to order.

10:00 am: Morning Activity 

Blair Baker

After breakfast we would fill our mornings by taking advantage of the wide variety of activities that Miraval offered. One morning we challenged ourselves to make it across a 35ft tall tight rope with only ropes above us and a thin wire below us. We strode in with confidence but quickly realized that this would be a much harder feat as the 'tight' rope had lots of slack. Among the tight roping, Miraval offered equine experiences and informative talks on healthy living. 

12:00 pm: Lunch

pepper, sauce, asparagus, chicken, pork, tomato
Blair Baker

Just like breakfast, lunch time offered a generous buffet with all different kinds of healthy salads, fresh fruit and soup. Each day, the restaurant also offered one daily special. With lunch, they served prickly pear iced tea as an homage to the desert that surrounded the resort. 

1:00 pm: Pool & Snacks

Blair Baker

What would a spa vacation be without some pool time? We usually spent our afternoons by the pool. We survived the scalding heat by spending our time in the shade and with pool snacks. Frozen fruit kebabs made of melon and grapes helped cool us down. Along with the snacks by the pool, the resort had a small juice bar/café with an array of smoothies, juices and snacks (my favorite was the watermelon, lemon juice). 

6:00 pm: Dinner

Blair Baker

For dinner, they recommended a four course meal: two small plates, one large plate and a dessert. The small plates included assorted salads, soups and veggies whereas the large plate was a more substantial mix of a protein, grains and veggies.

peanut, caramel, chocolate
Blair Baker

From flourless chocolate cake to crème brûlée, my sweet tooth was satisfied by the offerings of desserts.  

8:00 pm: Spa Treatment

No spa trip is complete without treatments. From facials, to Thai massage, we ended our day with complete relaxation. 

Often spas restrict eating and provide a regimented schedule for their guests, but Miraval allowed us to create our own schedule. We were able to be as busy or relaxed as we wanted. They also provided us with the healthiest options, without depriving us. Every meal was made with the cleanest ingredients possible. This mirrored a great philosophy for eating in day to day life; treat your body well, but don't deprive it.