Recently I went to see what all the fuss was about “Wonder Woman”. I wasn’t really into superheroes as a kid, and when I walked into the theater I had no clue what to expect. But, when I walked out, I felt like a completely new person. The film serves as a precursor to the tv show originally released in in 1975. It tells the story of Diana, princess of Themyscira, coming of age as a warrior and casual realization that she’s a superhero.

When I left could I block bullets with my forearms? Not exactly, but it felt pretty damn close.

Female Power

In a recent interview with the cast, Gal Gadot talked about shooting the first initial battle scene when the Germans first invade. She was watching with director, Patty Jenkins, in complete awe because the power behind this group of women. Gadot even called it “history” what they were making and I completely agree.


Seeing the strength that each woman possessed reminds me of how much power I truly have. Not only does Gadot exemplify power, but her fellow cast mates do as well. Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright (Diana’s mother and aunt, respectively) have their fair share of badass moments throughout the film, which my mom loved as they are her contemporaries. It’s not common today that you see a movie with such a wide range in equally strong women, both physically and mentally.


Until her training far surpasses the other women of Themyscira, Diana is blissfully unaware that she is a superhero. When she finally discovers it, she knows that it's up to her to stop the war in the outside world.

Without hesitation she leaves everything she knows behind to protect humanity. The most admirable part of how she fights is that she doesn’t view herself as brave. She’s just doing what knows is right.

Seeing Wonder Woman really changed how I view myself and my capabilities. She taught me that I can put my mind to anything and accomplish whatever I desire as long as I stay true to myself. Since seeing this film, I'm able to wake up every morning more confident, strong, and powerful than the one before.