Whether you scroll through Twitter between classes or pick up a copy of your local paper, being informed is an uncompromisable responsibility for citizens of this country. That being said, sometimes current issues can become too much of a focus in our daily lives. If you find yourself tearing your hair out over the comments section on a CNN article, it might be time to set your computer aside and take a step back from the news. It's not easy to detach in the digital age. However, there are some hacks that can help you dim the noise of politics in your daily life.

Stay Grounded With Airplane Mode   

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Jennifer Walter

For iPhone users, airplane mode is a blessing because it blocks all of the distractions that “do not disturb” mode cannot. When the little airplane appears in the corner of your phone, the wifi and data icons vanish, meaning your phone physically can’t connect to any external networks. Thanks to the little white airplane, pesky news updates can’t bother you when you’re napping or taking a break.

#SpoonTip: Put your phone on airplane mode before you go to bed if you use it as an alarm. The next day, you’ll be greeted by the sunshine instead of one too many banner notifications.

Delete the Facebook App

When scrolling down your timeline feels like tiptoeing through shattered glass, it's best to avoid going there in the first place. As the pinnacle of social media distractions, Facebook is probably the last site you need to be on during the work week. Log out of it on your computer or tablet, remove any trace of it from your cell phone, and only allow yourself to check your socials periodically throughout the day.

If you absolutely can’t part with having Facebook at your fingertips, try using an anti-distraction app. This is a great technique for studying, as well as staying sane. Apps like Forest grow cute virtual trees on your phone that die when you touch the screen. Instead of your morale being the only thing that dies when you check Facebook, your little green friend will also wilt and vanish. Do it for the sake of your sanity — and the trees.

Don’t Read the News Before Bed

The last thing you need to see before hitting the hay is the glaring red of the CNN logo, and rants from upset commenters bouncing around in your head. If you plan to go to bed in the next two hours, don’t let yourself read news from any outlet. Try to avoid social media at all costs. Again, this is where airplane mode can come in handy.

Distract Yourself

Set aside time during the day to be without your phone or computer. Go dancing, swimming or take a yoga class — these healthy distractions require no digital technology. Plus, they'll help you get in shape.