The Den at CWRU is the classic late night eatery for Case students. While it seems like fatty, fried food is your only option, The Den’s menu is full of options to fully satisfy your cravings and keep you eating healthy.

Veggie Mash Up Burger  

Not just for vegetarians, the veggie mash up burger is a healthy alternative to the traditional beef burger. Served with crispy lettuce, hearty tomato slices, crunchy pickles, red onions, and delicious roasted garlic mayo, this delectable burger will satisfy any carnivore.

Southwestern Chicken Salad

Salads are the classic go-to of most healthy eaters. This fan favorite consists of healthy proteins (grilled chicken and black beans), healthy fats from avocado, and fresh pico de gallo on top of crisp lettuce and served with a cilantro lime ranch dressing. (Pro tip: to be extra healthy, ask for the dressing on the side and use sparingly)

Guacamole Chicken Burrito

The guacamole chicken burrito is a perfect way to get in all those healthy fats from the avocado. This deliciously satisfying burrito also includes pepper jack cheese, cilantro lime sauce, and of course, healthy grilled chicken.

Veggie Mash Up Burrito

Another healthy veggie option! Similar to the veggie mash up burger, the veggie mash up burrito is made of The Den’s secret veggie recipe and includes pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, chipotle sauce, and black beans.

It isn't always easy to eat healthy, especially after a night out. Next time you're at the Den, try one of these healthy options, it might become your new favorite.