At times, life gets hectic, in which your mental health starts to decline. As humans, we live in a society where we give more of a damn about overall success instead of the paths used to become successful, and not to how we're holding up throughout the process. Society's norm is to allow our mental health to take a back seat in order to achieve successful results, but with the help of the new Mindful Mondays program in New York, taking care of your mental health will now be easier and of high importance.

What are the basics?

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To start off, Mindful Mondays is a new series of free workshops with a focus on wellness and self-care, which includes mental health. The workshops are located at Bocce in Union Square in New York, and are held from 8 to 10 am on Mondays. All of the workshops are open to the public and require that you bring your own yoga mat. Other than that, all you need to do is show up. 

What else is there to know?

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First and foremost, the people behind Bocce are having their neighbors at Exhale Flatiron team up with them to host exercise classes. Having started on Monday, June 11th, Exhale hosted an exhale 'Core Yoga' class with Yesenia Mora. This upcoming Monday, there'll be an exhale 'Barre + Yoga' class also with Yesenia Mora. On Monday, June 25th, there'll be an exhale 'Barre' course with Julie Bobek. On a positive note, courses will continue to be held throughout the month of July. 

In addition to such, Furnace Creek Farms will join in on the fun mostly to try out some new products and to chat with all attendees of the workshops regarding healthful herbs, tinctures, and functional foods. Trust me on this; using herbs is definitely the way to go to supplement the yoga that you'll be doing since it'll make you feel all relaxed and whatnot.

#SpoonTip: if possible, opt to see if there are any herbal pads that you're able to take home and use. They're a lifesaver for back pains.

Why should anyone care?

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You, the reader of this article should care because consistently working to the point of where you're a self-proclaimed burnout causes more damage than flowers and sunshine to your life. Also, you, the reader of this article should care because it's free and relatively anonymous, meaning that nobody will know that you're putting your mental health before everything else besides yourself, the attendees of the workshops, and those that are hosting the workshops. Besides, you'll be attending the workshops for yourself; not necessarily to network. 

Another reason as to why you should care is because doing yoga early in the morning counts as exercise, which is something that most of us (including myself) don't get enough of. The fact that these workshops/yoga sessions are free of cost to you should serve as motivation to start taking care of yourself. 

How does this relate to food?

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Food and mental health are related to one another in the sense that a poor state of mind in terms of your overall mental health could result in you obtaining an eating disorder. Consistently focusing on your job or obtaining a goal all while starving yourself not only isn't healthy for your body or for your mentality, which is why it's important to take care of yourself.

There's no denying that your mental health will always be part of you. You can shove it to the backseat and completely forget about it from time to time, but in the end, that'll only make things worse. Put yourself first, and start out by checking out Mindful Mondays and what they're offering.