The CUSP Three Six Five Method is revolutionizing the healthy-eating movement. This new rule-free lifestyle even makes it easy to eat at a restaurant guilt-free, and is even good for you

Here are some tips from the author of the new book CUSP Three Six Five herself:

1. Don't force a salad if you really want a burger

bun, brioche
Olivia Cero

 Ask for a whole-wheat bun and opt for sweet potato fries or a side salad instead of regular fries.

2. Ask for dressing on the side

spinach, lettuce, herb, salad, vegetable
Keikichi Littleton

A lot of dressings contain thousands of calories, but some do include healthy fats. So, ask for it on the side and put it on yourself.

3. Add nuts, chicken, or salmon to your salad

vegetable, salad
Jenny Georgieva

In order to get protein out of eating a salad, you need to add extras on the top.

4. If you want dessert, order one for the whole table

Splitting a dessert between a few people satisfies the sweet taste that you're craving and makes you feel less guilty.

5. Keep in mind what you eat as an appetizer

vegetable, mozzarella, fish fingers, meat, chicken
Isabella Neuberg

If you ordered mozzarella sticks as an app, then keep in mind you're getting protein from the cheese, but also eating something fried. When ordering an entrée, stay away from dairy and fried foods because that has already been satisfied with the appetizer.

6. Eat slowly

When you feel full, stop eating. Put a napkin over your plate when you feel like you're done. Even ask for a to-go box right away because you're less likely to keep eating it out of the box. Put in a mint or chew gum to change the flavor in your mouth.

The CUSP Three Six Five Method is all about a diet-free lifestyle of eating what you enjoy, but making it a balanced meal at the same time. The method combines psychology of human eating behaviors and cutting edge traditional science. This is a lifestyle, not a diet, due to the scarcity of will power.

The book includes stories from people all over who followed the method, and is $15 for presale. On 4/25/17, the book will be available on Amazon.

CUSP Three Six Five is crowdfunding an awesome health app via kickstarter. Check it out and support here.

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